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Video: Ralph Nader touting "Ron Paul" On the Judge

Did anyone catch today's Freedom Watch? Nader was on bashing Obama as worse than Bush and then when the Judge said the CONgress did nothing Nader goes: Well, you'll see someone doing something very soon... and at the end he shouted RON PAUL!! LOL



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What if it were articles of

What if it were articles of impeachment that included things the neocons were also mad about and other things libs were angry about? A small gov't vs big gov't impeachment. Of course impeach him for the war stuff, but also throw in ATF scandal, Solyndra, corporate bailouts, etc. Of course Obama wasn't the direct source of everything, but if worded wisely, they could somehow be included and draw national attention to more stuff... Not sure how all that would work, someone who knows the process better, gimme some input.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Go Ralph!

Go Ralph!

Nader is one of the good

Nader is one of the good guys, or at least his heart is in the right place.

Both on the left and the right, there are guys like Ron and Nader who are not puppets of the banksters. Maybe this shows that Ron can win over antiwar people on the left.

But the good guys who are antiwar, anti-assassination and pro-Constitution will never get a fair shake from corporate media.

"I ain't the dying type."

Reader, writer, soldier.


1) His budget plan, which he recently said he would have within a couple weeks

2) Some kind of college loan forgiveness bill, maybe tied in with social security problems

3) A bill to propose a constitutional amendment giving the FEDS the authority to enact drug prohibition :)

Its a card he can hold... the

Its a card he can hold... the proceedings must begin in the House. So, considering the presidential candidates, only Paul can play that card.

None of the Dems except maybe Kucinich would do it. None of the Neo-cons aren't going to do it because they are too afraid to say they're against assassinations of terrorists no matter what part of the Constitution it violates and Rand is still buying time: not time yet to fully transition the neo-cons...

If Kucinich filed, Paul would cosponsor. If not, Paul should hold the card for a bit, anyway.

Drafting impeachment articles would be a bold move

politically. How will the neocons marginalize RP at that point? He will steal their thunder. He will get the PR for being the leader of impeachment proceedings against Obama. Will they go to their audiences and say "Obama doesn't deserve to be impeached."? Hmmmm. I think among my neocon associates they will grudgingly say "Go Ron Paul". It will get their attention... And with Repugs in Congress, they will have to stand up and be counted either way. It puts RP in the role of leader. Psychologically important.

If he wins the GOP nomination, how would it hurt him in a general election against Obama to have called for his impeachment? That's the gist of running against him anyway - remove this scoundrel from office and elect me instead.


You forget that any time Obama acts like a dictator the Neo=CON's support him... the Libya campaign, the 'take down' of Bin Laden, the Awalaki assasination, drone bombing in Yemen and Pakistan...it's the only behavior all of the talk show idiots, pundits, politicians, etc. praise Obama for. So if RP went down this road they'd say "Ron Paul is trying to impeach the president for saving us from those big bad Muslims?..he's nuts...he should be trying to impeach him over Obamacare..." or something like that. They'd still find a way demonize or marginalize RP, even if it meant eating a little crow by showing support for Der Obama. In fact then they can say 'see? I'm a real free thinker! If Obama does something right[act like a military dictator]I've got no problem supporting him...unfortunately he rarely does anything right..." I could almost do Fat Bastard aka Limbaugh's script for him. Anyway...
Does Nader actually know something, or is he just speculating?

It would be better if a Democrat took the lead.

Of course, a Republican would want to impeach a Democrat.

I would choose competing currencies, or an opt-out of Obamacare for Congressional action.

Or better end war, bring troops home, now.

Free includes debt-free!

But I'm talking about politics within the party.

... And trying to seize the nomination. Why would it be better if a democrat took the lead?

Nader's exact comment at the end...

The original post here misquoted Nader, ommitting and changing key words. Here is exactly what he said: "You wait and see what someone does in the Congress pretty soon. Ron Paul!"

I am still stunned at Nadar's clear support for Ron Paul. I predict see a full fledged Ron Paul endorsement coing soon by Nadar. :)

Ralph's last words were "Ron Paul"

I was rereading Zinn's "People's history of the United States". And it verified what I've heard many say that government is the problem.

Civil Rights leaders wanted federal prosecution against those that violated the rights and property of many who were brutalized.

What did government do. Expanded it's size by creating a bureaucracy.

I remember thinking, as a 4th grader at the time. The Civil Rights leaders don't seem very happy with this, "Civil Rights Act".

Seems clear to me now 47 years later. "Why would they be happy with bigger government, but no justice?"

Free includes debt-free!

Drafting articles of impeachment

Would RP get a lot of PR mileage by doing this?

Seems like worth considering.

How could the media black out an impeachment?? Seems like a tricky way to force the LSM to cover RP.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Death by Presidential Decree

The Declaration of Independence acknowledges 'all men are created equal', thus citizen and non-citizen alike are entitled to a judge and jury.

Shouldn't a Constitutional law professor know this?

So Does the 5th Amendment

The wording in the 5th Amendment also confirms all people are equal in when it comes to the basic rule of law. The 5th Amendment states "No person shall..." It does not say "No US citizen shall..." I am amazed so many Constitutional law experts seems to miss this basic point.

sounds like someone is going to...

offer up articles of impeachment or something. I really hope ralph nader tries to go in and take over th OW movement and turn them all towards ron paul... and thebanks.. we need that!

No one is going to "take over" OWS

and it is not a movement, it is an occupation. That is why no one will take over, no one can infiltrate. it is an awakening, a shift of the collective consciousness.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Some reports are coming in to support your claims.

I wonder if any Congressional candidates will the Occupation spawn? What kind of process could be used?

Precinct Level directly to a District Representative nominees (one for each party). Precincts elect a representative that produces two slates of candidates (Dem and Reb) From those slates two finalists will be Democratically approved and supported in their Parties Nomination.

Ugh, but if State Legislatures could be convinced to make access to US House seats the same for all parties, the same as it is now for the Two Parties, that might be a way out of the parties.

Free includes debt-free!

I don't think I agree with

I don't think I agree with either of you yet.

But don't take it as a criticism.

It's not a movement. Not yet, that I can tell.

And perhaps "awakening" and "collective consciousness" are language dripping in metaphysical overtones, which if accurate, are OK, I suppose.

I would call it a "reaction", that is a ways off from being defined.

If they are awakening, they are barely out of slumber, and there is a great risk that they might go right back to sleep.

sleep doesn't mean lack of activity.

and being awake doesn't mean high energy and protests.

they could go on to protest for the next 18 months and still be asleep.

they will have awoken when they come to grips with reality, and see it unflinchingly.

at this point, they're just barely opening their eyes. they may choose to go back to the false left right paradigm at any second.

we will see...

Nader and Ron Paul are way apart on some issues.

But you can't have everything.

And if they even match up 80% thats incredible for Nader - because its hard to find anyone that close to him.

"You wait and see...

what SOMEONE does in the congress. Ron Paul!" Ralph Nader. Is "The Great Pubar Obombya" going to get some of his own medicine?

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Oh, Happy Day!

Thank you, Ralph! That was GREAT!

Now he's a believer!
(Neil Diamond) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxyOehZQUo0

This makes my day!

I have two heros. Ron Paul and Ralph Nader.

Ralph Nader has been suffering from MSM corporate lies and censorship for decades. His book, "Crashing the Party", tells our story, except, he was talking about the Democratic Party. Ralph Nader has never belonged to a political party. His ideas were stolen by the government, Nixon. Nader's idea was that there should be CONSUMER based businesses, like "Seal of Goodhouse keeping", or "Consumer Reports", that acted as non-profits, or non-government offices, that were free market in that they competed. Instead we got, EPA, OSHA, etc..

Anyways, what's so great about this is that now... many of the Naderites will either drop Nader, which leaves them no where, or drop their bias against the GOP and look to Ron Paul. Naderites are NOT Democrats, they are Independents, many are, like me, Libertarians who are sick of the GOP running the LP, and Nader offered us challanges such as, "Do you think an Independent candidate has the right to be on the ballot?" Nearly everyone says YES, but many refused to sign when that candidate became Ralph Nader (based on what the MSM had told them), won't sign the petititon. An Independent can't win, you can't get all the states, Oklahoma won't carry an Indy on the ballot for one, and then there's 22 more, filled with party members who LOVE to play dirty tricks come election time.

It's better to take back the GOP from the Democrats who are RINO.


Nader has some similarities , I agree, but until he stops obsessing with gun control and "assault rifles" and gets on the 2nd A train with the rest of the good people , I can't fully support him.
But I do have respect for his fighting spirit and critical thinking in some other areas.

Nader needs to come around to

Nader needs to come around to the position that the Vermont liberals have about gun control. They allow everyone to carry a firearm with no permit. They understand gun ownership is not a left or right, conservative or liberal, but truly an American position. Gun banners from the left or right are the ones who are unAmerican. Gun owning socialist liberals are still true Americans.

I agree

I agree with you - the right to self-defense and self-preservation is a basic human right and not left/right issue at all. Somehow, however, it's been planted in the heads of (majority of) those on the left that for whatever reason they have to be against it and they unquestioningly obey.

He's not running

Looks like he's backing Ron Paul. How can you not back that 100%?

reedr3v's picture

I was impressed by his strong resolve

to state that last line, even as the Judge was up against the end of that time segment.

Am I over reading into this

or did it sound like Ralph Nader knows something we don't. He did not say someone might do it, He said "You wait and see what someone does in the congress pretty soon" Then as if he just could not contain himself he says Ron Paul. Is it possible there are some patriots in he government that are planning something and keeping it quiet?

Remember Ron said something to the effect that if there were enough people behind it it could be done when he was talking about impeachment.

Am I just over reaching and being to optimistic?

I picked up the same thing you did.

I certainly haven't always agreed with Nader in the past but he certainly has a network of supporters and some "intellectual" with power bases who support him.

He is probably not a great poker player as he seemed very enthusiastic about what was in his hand. But unlike my poker analogy its not likely to be a bluff as he has nothing to gain by misleading that way.

I tell you what,

I sure liked the sound of it, whatever he meant.