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Day of Atonement

Jesus Christ atoned for our sins.

He redeemed us with his own blood.

He bought us with price.

Now is the day to be saved. Now is the day to refinance.


(Explanation first message posted afterwards)

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This is pathetic!

Plse don't bump this thread.

I'm a Frisbitarian

I believe that when I die my soul goes on the roof and I can't get it down.

Good for you .

I hope it works for you.
I prefer to TRUST someone who has been there, where I want to go.

Yom Kippur comes after the Jewish New Year

It is the day of atonement and repentance in light of the new year. More importantly it's an old family tradition for a lot of people, and I wish everyone here at the DP a gut yontiff.

you're all wrong.

The day of atonement is the day YOU trust Jesus Christ as your savior. He has become Jehovah's passover lamb, PROMISED and provide at 33AD. It's a done deal to those who accept HIM.
Faith , there is but "one Faith" the Man Christ Jesus, for this FAITH comes down from G-d the Father in Heaven and is the only Acceptable APPROACH TO SALVATION. There is no other name or approach to the Father. Without Christ in your heart you cannot SEE G-d.
God's "Promise" was, to HIMSELF, of HIMSELF, and IN HIMSELF by way of the man, Christ Jesus. Perfection is all that satisfies. Perfection has been applied and supplied through the GRACE of G-d, from whom all BLESSING flows.
Without the FAITH beyond human capacity, which GRACE supplies; it is IMPOSSIBLE to please Jehovah. Without HIM you cannot enter into Heaven because G-d the Father is there and cannot look upon SIN.

Until YOUR robe or covering, has been made white as the angels, You cannot enter into the presence of God the Father. Repent and believe. Simply Trust in HIS already provided PROMISE.
RAMS, BULLS, SHEEP, AND OX is "no longer" a substitute for the Blood of the Son of G-d. WE believers have a NEW Covenent that is given to ALL mankind who believe. G-d is not a respecter of Persons identity. Former things are passed away and all things are NEW.

Some who do not want to lose control and their HIGH place, seek to go back in time. There is no returning to the Curse of the LAW, Unless you are in UNBELIEF. It is the LAW that condemns, but it is the GRACE of G-d that supplies salvation to them that believe. ONLY believers are able, through the blood of Christ; to OVERCOME the Curse of the LAW. OVERCOMERS by FAITH. In Christ's KINGDOM it is the person who becomes LEAST who shall be the GREATEST, for this is (loving you neighbor as yourself). As in Baptism you die to self and are raised a NEW Creation and this is the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT. Water does nothing, but is a symbol of the inward. Christ himself received water and SPIRIT Baptism from John, becaues it was G-d's command. He obeyed to Death.

This is the day of atonement

This is the day of atonement if you are part of Judaism. I was studying this recently because of the prayers made on the Day of Atonement ie Kol Nidrei, and personal pledges; Comparing the Koran to the Talmud, mainly because of arguments made by Zionists (either Jewish or Christian). Ie the same objections can be raised to both.

I respect that someone of another faith might not (feel) that way about their scriptures, but it is not brotherly love to attack someone, while wanting tolerance for your own. Tolerance should be for everyone, as long as it doesn't pick your pocket or cause you harm.

I've been saving up a column of examples comparing the Talmud and Koran. They are interestingly alike in passages others outside their faiths find objectionable. I considered posting it today somewhere, but I'm not much in giving to timing of things, and I don't like being in a bad humor.

So instead, this is my Christian interpretation of the day of atonement, with a little humor thrown in. Jesus Christ redeems - and if you've ever felt used by the world, or treated like an object - the savior died for you not the other way around, because he loves you :)


And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

It's not just for

Jews. Forget the Talmud and the Koran which are just commentaries of men and go to Scripture itself.

The day of Atonement is the fifth of seven high day sabbaths (Lev 23) given in Scripture and is the day of fasting. Unlike the pagan days of christmas and easter that most christians keep, Atonement has meaning. By fasting we show that we are willing to deny fleshly desires and afflict our souls for the sole purpose of His word. This along with His other weekly and high sabbaths are what sets His people apart from the rest of the world.

God does not want your sacrifices He has HIS own.

But I love you just the same as myself. Christ has become my sabboth, EVERY DAY. I rest in HIM.
Christmas and Easter are not holy days they are simply a reminder of something done for us as humans. It has nothing to do with getting holiness or Rightiousness.
Christ is our rightiousness. Breaking a law has no more condemnation to those in Christ Jesus, they are OVERCOMERS.
The CAPTIVES have been set FREE.
G-d has said: the JUST shall, now as always, LIVE by FAITH.

Everyone would

do well to read and understand what this "Kol Nidre" is, and how Talmud followers use this to "feel absolved" of breaking their oaths including Oaths of Office when they hold office in our government.

The Talmud is Babylonian. It ain't holy.


They atone for what cannot be humanly atoned for. SIN.
It was G-d's SON that was put to death, not Mary's son.
G-d gave HIS Son, who became a living sacrifice. ETERNAL.
No longer dead animals, but The living G-d himself.
Satan goofed.
There is therefore NO condemnation to those IN Christ Jesus.
Promise and Inheritance fullfilled, as ONLY G-d can fullfill.
Satan did not know the DEPTH of G-d's LOVE.
For Christ has made every believers body a living sacrifice. A witness to the World. And Here I am behind a computer.
Unbelievers would like to do to me, what they did to Christ Jesus. For I am no better than my MASTER. BUT, in my words, I am also as good as HE makes me to be. NOT perfect in human eyes but perfect in G-d's eyes. For it is G-d who will finish ME.