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The Hill : Conservative Crowd Roars For Ron Paul

The Hill : Conservative Crowd Roars For Ron Paul

Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Texas) and his libertarian message received a raucous welcome from the socially conservative crowd at the Values Voter Summit on Saturday morning.


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News anchors were calling him "Live and Let Live Libertarian" - doesnt seem to be a bad slogan.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Anyone know where

we can see the straw poll results live?

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Lots of positive comments,

Lots of positive comments,

I am

so encouraged by this article, and the comments are great! I read all 3 pages and only found 2 negative comments!!

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Suggestions For Supporters

At these events, don't turn them into rallies.

Make sure the little old ladies have a chair near the front.

Don't yell too loud in big teenage boy fashion.

Let Dr. Paul use his bedside manner, not his "outside voice."

If it's standing room only, or people can't get in, let those who are new have your place.

Listen politely, and cheer at the end.

Watch for the signs that you're scaring off newbies, and smile at them and introduce yourself.

We don't want to intimidate people into a ballot box backlash.

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What worked for me today was...

Going ape-shit crazy with the straw poll results and yelling LOUDLY, "Let's hear it for freedom!" and then letting the old ladies and gentleman pass through the aisles in front of me with a wave of the hand and politely saying "After you" while wearing my Ron Paul buttons. The seemed to take to someone like me (long hair, brown skinned, very vocal Ron Pauler) actually having manners and respect for elders.

This summer I had the opportunity (?) to attend a concert

at The Gorge in Washington state, and I could not believe the rudeness, foul language, jostling, etc. that I observed. Usually in public older folks are treated with respect---I actually was slammed into by a young man running by--no apology--as if he didn't know he had just shoulder-blocked an old lady!
I have been to many Ron Paul events with young exuberant people, and I have always been treated with the utmost respect. I was at LPAC recently in Reno, and I noticed that young people were visiting with older folks and enjoying it---Freedom is popular!
And who can FORGET the Rally For The Republic!! Standing with so many people from all walks of life--all with the Love of Liberty and love for their fellow man in their hearts. Ron Paul folks don't need no security guards to make us behave!!

excellent advice

i hope everyone will give careful thought to what you have said here.


I agree!

First impressions are very important. If peoples first impression of supporters for Ron Paul are very raucous and rude. They label Dr. Paul as the one who attracts these kind of people, without every hearing what the man is all about.

Think of how your parents or grand parents would react in this kind of situation and act accordingly. The people in the higher age brackets are the core of the GOP. we need them to vote for our guy.

I agree

I said the same thing on the thread forthe event a few weeks ago. The loud roaring style has lost it's shock and surprise value. It's become same ol same ol. We need to try some 'stun them with solemn silence' style responses. Or just focus on talking to other peopl who aren't supporters yet. At any rate, some kind of switchup is necessary. It's too easy to dismiss fervency. If this is serious as we say it is, perhaps supporters who show up can try a more somber approach.

You know? I thought the same

You know? I thought the same exact thing when I read the write up. I know the "raucous" behavior really turns people off. I bet they all keep it up though. Oh well..:)

The choice of words----

Was it "raucous behavior"? Or an "enthusiastic response"! Words invoke feelings, and the press is expert in influencing the public.

I prefer the term

Unfettered adulation


You are correct. But these events are about getting new supporters. Cheering and applauding at key points is appropriate. But chanting is not. This is not a Rally. Would you chant at a Debate?

Just my thoughts.

Actually, I would welcome a loud

"Ron Paul, Ron Paul" chant during a debate in which Ron is being ignored by the likes of Chris Wallace, Brian Williams or Wolf Blitzer.

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I'm not much a chanter, so I

I'm not much a chanter, so I don't worry too much myself.