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Amazing King World News Interview - Some Big Banks are Criminals, Charges Filed

Hi all,

Amazing Interview with Harry Markopolos, the man that fingered Bernie Madoff, by Eric King of King World News.


In this interview, according to Mr. Markopolos, BNY Mellon and State Street Banks have been involved in criminal thievery... for decades. A Civil lawsuit has been filed. Robbing people's pension funds through manipulation of foreign exchange markets is given as a prime example. He states that about 20% of the Banks profits have been in this manner. He talks about how the Banks are not winning any points whatsoever with the State of New York's Attorney General, by talking and acting as if they are above the law. Mr. Markopolos says that Criminal charges have not been filed because, if they were, the banks would go down as insolvent, within a week.

I found this to be simply amazing. This is the type of thing that I have been waiting for. I am eagerly awaiting the findings and outcome of these cases. According to Mr. Markopolos, the Government is ready to go to trial immediately, but the Banks are trying to avoid setting a date.

I don't know if you'll find this as fascinating as I did, but I encourage everyone to listen to this amazing interview!


Article by streetinsider on filing of Civil Lawsuit:


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Wow! BNY Mellon and State Street Banks stealing from customers!

Harry M. Markopolos, Financial Fraud Investigator & Author of “No One Would Listen” has decades of fraud evidence. The specific fraud stated in the lawsuits of three US states is: foreign exchange rates charged pension funds, etc. where not actual rates for the exchange made.

  • Each exchange rate charged was the daily worst. Every day for decades.
  • That is the banks charged their own customers the worst foreign exchange rate that occurred each day. Not the actual rate of exchange @ buy/sell time.

Very easy evidence to present. Just match trade time stamps & show that the exchange rate charged was amiss. The banks chose the daily worst for their customers, each day.

Do other banks do this too? Mr M has witnesses & answers that question.

Does Mr M have recommendations for you about avoiding foreign exchange fraud & related mischief? Yes. Please listen toward the end about of the interview mentioning the 3% foreign exchange fee that most banks charge travelers; yet, 2 American Express cards don't.

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Analysis on money printings




Very intriguing!

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I'll get excited when they bring criminal charges

According to Markopolos, authorities won't, due to fear of causing bankruptcy. That doesn't give me much confidence in the "law". If there is evidence of fraud, book 'em. This sh!t belongs in criminal court, period.

Undo what Wilson did

Thanks for posting

This is a great interview.

Thank you for posting this.

Not that we already didn't know that the banks were crooked. This is just another in the long line of criminal activities that they will probably get away with.

I hear you ntwbn

But what I find so exciting, is that it appears they are no longer going to be allowed to get away with it, and are instead going to be brought to justice!

Seems like a sea change to me.

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I wish

I had your optimism in the justice system. I pray I am wrong.