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Where Keynes Went Wrong

This is a new book just out and the link is a lengthy review that hits some great key points. It is a good link to learn more about the economy, and mentions Ron.
http://www.axiospress.com/books/Where Keynes Went Wrong/Excerpts.htm

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Link doesn't work

I found the link, because the one you posted didn't work.

Here is the link:


Good find; sounds like an interesting book.

Keynes went wrong by being a

Keynes went wrong by being a pedophile.


I always thought there was

I always thought there was some sort of causal link between Keynes' homosexual disorder and his interventionist disorder, but thanks to those articles, it finally connected the dots for me.

In essence, Keynesianism is a hedonistic/nihilistic system, invented by a nihilistic hedonist.