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Straw Poll Results: Values Voter Summit

From the website:

Straw Poll results:

37% Ron Paul
23% Herman Cain
16% Rick Santorum
8% Rick Perry
8% Michele Bachmann
4% Mitt Romney
3% Newt Gingrich
0% Jon Huntsman
1% Undecided

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Santorum at ....16 per cent :P

This does not bode well for Romney and Perry :D

ps. Huntsman? ---- heck, Johnson would of done better.


Fox news reports

Fox News has been reporting on the win here and there, but they've been showing clips of Gingrich and Cain.

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Drudge notified of Value Voters straw poll win

Let's see what he does....

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was it just on the live feed?

Not seeing results anywhere else yet..

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Yes, it was on the live feed.

Yes, it was on the live feed. They swap video tiles about every minute or so.