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Ron Paul WINS Values Voter Straw Poll

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I am shocked!!!

But PROUD of the active who went out and challenged this favorite semi-cyclical, pro-establishment gathering of the "religious right"...

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Oh sure, NOW 2nd place is headline-worthy

"Ron Paul wins Values Voter straw poll; Herman Cain second"

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It Gets Worse


Paul and Cain Win Values Voter Straw Poll

Dr. Paul smacked Cain by 14 points and they report it like it was a tie. In Iowa, Bachmann bested Paul by less than 1% (and in GA Cain beat him by about 1%) and those were reported as clear wins for the winner.

If Cain beat Paul by 14

If Cain beat Paul by 14 points, would the headline read, "Cain and Paul Win Values Voters Straw Poll"?


Bump, bump, bump...

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“Those results probably

“Those results probably aren’t accurate,” one voter joked after Paul’s victory was announced. “Cain wowed everybody. He’s good.”

Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator, raised an eyebrow over the straw poll in a Friday interview.

“It sounds like they have a record number of registrants, which means someone’s probably buying a lot of tickets,” he said.

ahhh yes, look at the establishment go!

"Damn that Paul & his followers, hurry, let's spin this!!!"

poor Frothy McFrotherson just might have to drop out now huh?? sadly...we damn sure won't get the Cain bump from this. we'll be lucky for it to even be mentioned once.