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Liberty must defend philosophic turf OWS is occupying

I'm starting to get involved with the local OWS here and there's no way I'm going to let the unions and Soros' moveon.org members I'm seeing creep in to hijack this thing.

It's our duty as Liberty supporters not to hijack OWS, but to defend OUR movement's turf.

Just like with the tea party, OWS is trying to hijack OUR movement against the bankers and put a right-left spin on the whole thing so they can become the democrat's "booster club" just like how Tea Party Express and FreedomWorks have transformed the Liberty movement inspired tea party into the RNC's booster club.

Don't go to the OWS meetings and sit-ins as Ron Paul Nation, but simply as advocates for sound money, there to educate on the true sources of our 99% fiscal calamity.

I will advocate and carry END THE FED signs at OWS leaving my RP signage for sign bombs and Primary (and then General) campaigning.

No need to campaign for RP with these folks because they can't/won't help in the Primary. But their support and energy directed at the Federal Reserve will be invaluable, especially compared to the alternative of their rioting used to justify martial law and wiping out the middle class with pro-elite tax increases.

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