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1. Where's the mass of cyber-puffer-fish for Tancredo, Thompson, Hunter, whomever. Paul is well on the radar like a thunderhead.

2. Where it will matter will be in Iowa, Arizona, and New Hampshire. The Bushbots will show up at the polls and caucuses, but they are visible and part of the party machine. Paul's supporters are grass-roots. They haven't figured out they are fighting an insurgency. A distributed system. Something hard to count. There's plenty of time to get organized to do a surprise in the early races.

3. The above would happen even if there wasn't as much media buzz. One of the polls between Paul and Guliani included "Who's Ron Paul". But Who's Guilani is a relevant question. Why is a mayor and ex-prosecutor running for President? Paul should grow slowly in name recognition. All he offers is integrity, so even if you disagree with him, you know where he stands and he has the track record to prove it - that is what the shouting match showed. That makes him different from every other candidate. Even their supporters are pointing out Obama and Clinton are trying to become gray on recent votes on immigration and the war.

4. They have an army, we have tens of thousands of minutemen. All they need do is show up at the critical moment. The army is likely to be sleeping (George Washington at Trenton comes to mind). And the cyberpolls are an indication of that. If he beat others by 80%, it would be clearly some spamming, but he is about where you would expect him to be. Is aunt ruth who can't handle a remote going to text-message for Guiliani going to show up on primary day? We'll see.

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New ways to use our computers . . .

That's why we need to find new ways to use our computers. I found that I can print my own "Ron Paul" bumper stickers with my computer. Well, they're not exactly bumper stickers. They are more like "car signs" than bumper stickers. I'm having a lot of fun with it in my home town. I get a real kick out of seeing people's reactions to my signs. Don't knock it before you try it. It's FUN ! ! !

Here's my favorite sign:

- Lisa
Check out my homepage:

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Bill Kosloskey

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Custom bumper stickers

MakeStickers.Com allows you to create custom bumper stickers, and they have a template with Ron Paul's image. It can be found on their page of Political Figures.

I've already ordered 100, which I expect to arrive in time to hand out at The Albuquerque Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Albuquerque is a big city . . .

Wow, Albuquerque is a big city. I hope you do well with your bumper sticker campaign! Like I tell everyone, bumper stickers are so important. Remember the success of the Bush "W" sticker? I wrote a new piece about the "W" sticker in my blog.

Now if we could only get someone in New Hampshire and Iowa to start a Ron Paul bumper sticker campaign!

- Lisa


you tube

Just wanted to note that Dr. Paul has passed 10,000 you tube subscribers.