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People will Rise: Black THIS Out! new video

Only a few generations have been granted the role of protecting freedom in its maximum hour of danger...


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TeaParty11.com - Dec 16th Money Bomb - Ron Paul Tea Party!


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That was cool!

It was exciting and I like the message - we don't need them!!



Don't like the slow-mo of Paul in debate. He looks tired, drugged, doddery. We need dynamism to defeat the "he's too old to be president" attitude. Also, who the Hell is the unidentified voice at the end? It should be Paul, not some unseen stranger. (OK, apparently it's the judge but at least show a one or two-second clip of him speaking these words.)

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I liked the part. I think

I liked the part. I think the voice at the end is the judge.

it is..

He used that at the end of a couple of speeches I have seen him make.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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Love of freedom really brings out creativity


Great vid!

Great vid!

I know it would be

I know it would be counterproductive, but I sure wish it was " Black This Out, Bi-atch! "

Big bumpin props for that one.

Effective huff said. Let's keep working...

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

Great Video

This is very well done and gets the message out to give our monetary support for Ron Paul campaign.


I got goosebumps from that. It definitely has power to move people.

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