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"We Need" - LDS for Ron Paul

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I missed this video and now it's removed.

I missed this video and now it's removed. Is there another one online?

Here's a non-LDS Bump

From the great state of Utah


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

very nice message

i like this presentation very much. too bad it's not likely that many mormons will see it.


I'm LDS and I saw it and will

I'm LDS and I saw it and will pass along.


The only Mormons I meet are those spreading their faith and almost all of them have very little knowledge about the current issues or even RP. Many are most likely just out of High School but still seem to be not very wordly, which is odd because they are always out and about and all over the place.


It's going to sound crazy

They're not allowed to watch TV, read a newspaper, use a computer, or communicate with their families (except by mail) for 2 years. That is going to have an impact on their knowledge of current events. :)

Thank you very much

This is explains it then. I will now not seem so astonished next time I bump into Mormons. I had absolutely no idea about this and thus this just about makes me as un-worldly as them lol

Frankly, I am very amazed at this. Seems pretty rough. Hope it all works out for them. Sounds as though they are going to have a lot of catching up to do after their 2 year service.


Grammar aside (and it should

Grammar aside (and it should NOT be aside) this was a sweet video and got the point across. Hope LDS people watch this and check Ron out. He is definitely the one they should vote for, if they are true to their creed.

i posted it to romneys face

i posted it to romneys face book haha

Latter-Day Saints for Ron Paul

I hope that Nevada's LDS voting population will support Ron Paul and not vote for Mitt Romney just because he is Mormon. Too bad that Mitt doesn't see the "secret combination" within the government that he trying so hard to rub shoulders with just to get elected.

Latter-Day Saints for Ron Paul

Sorry for the double post

I hate to be the semantics cop, but ...

... when referring to people, the pronoun is 'who', not 'that'.

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