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Campaign Fund Raising

I'm thinking now is a good time to ask for your help. We don't have a Ron Paul thing going on and I'm ready to put my first small ad in the newspapers of my district - to start getting my name out to the general public.

I'm running for Ron's seat in the House and this contribution solicitation is to be targeted for a single purpose - to run this 1 X 3 ad.

I need your help - I'd like to get 100 contributions of $20 over the next day and a half. I don't know how reasonable this expectation is but let's give it a shot.

The ad can be seen here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?321501-Campaign-...

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Just to let you know, there

Just to let you know, there is an error in the ad. It should either read


or the more common


As it is shown now "www//harper4congress.com" will not work.

Thank you. You're correct. Or

Thank you. You're correct. Or it should read www.harper4congress.com, which also works and is what I intended.

Well, it's Sunday morning and

Well, it's Sunday morning and I've already been to the gun range and I'm getting getting ready to head to my dad's for a little Texans football this afternoon. Let's see if I can get a little support today.

For clarification, I support a policy of non-intervention with Israel except under the most dire circumstance of an all-out conflict in the middle-east and if Israels existence is threatened.

I have a 30 year history advocating for freedom and the Constitution. Visit my website to learn more about my agenda.

Have a good day.

George Harper

but, George...

...correct me if I'm wrong, but your campaign web-site appears to advocate an "entangling alliance " with Israel?? (Which, by the way, is NOT the "chosen people" of the Bible but rather a SECULAR and EVIL country nowadays!!)

You should have concluded

You should have concluded your comment with the first sentence.

So, you're saying...

...the first sentence is TRUE?? (Which disqualifies you as a replacement for Dr. Paul's seat.)

As for the second sentence... it is wayyy TRUE!!

And of the 9 other Republican

And of the 9 other Republican candidates, who do you support?