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California passes aid for illegal immigrants to go to college

This just TOTALLY honks me off. Illegals get help going to college and real Americans get to pay off huge loans...I hate that these people are sleeping, still...


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Many of the OWS student-protesters

want a free college ride for everybody and student loans forgiven. All of the blue collar workers, fast food employees, waiters, struggling artists, craftpeople, small farmers, entrepreneurs starting up, etc. get to chip in for a generation of young people to chase after increasingly dumbed-down, worthless documents entitling them to be future bureaucrats and teachers to keep the system going until the productive have been wrung dry or escape to lands where "social justice" isn't meted out at the point of an IRS gun.

Me too:

While I am not in Ca. I have a son that is about to finish up is high school diploma. (Home schooled) and is talking about the possibilities of going to college. I am handicapped and we have very little to begin with, and I do not want to go the route of grants and basically begging the gov. for what ever. No jobs to be found so he can work his way through. Not much going for us, but somehow, I will make it happen if he really wants it. But then, to sit back and watch those that shouldn't even be here, basically steal from the U.S. tax payers just grates at me immensely.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government