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Media calls Values Voter Straw Poll a Fix

Their calling the win irrelevant. You decide.


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So why was there

not this level of scrutiny in Florida?

Or Iowa?

And isn't it ineteresting that the latest straw poll winners have NOT BEEN the media top tier picks?

Is everything a joke in this country?

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not their.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Cain wins Florida= new

Cain wins Florida= new frontrunner

Paul wins Value Voters summit= fraud, irrelevant

Ballot Stuffing?

CBS says Values Voters suggested "ballot stuffing." But the stated issue seems to be that 600 people registered and then left after Ron Paul spoke. If each registered participant cast one vote, this does not constitute "ballot stuffing", even if it is considered unfair for Ron Paul to have more supporters register than other candidates. And where is any evidence that the Ron Paul campaign organized and funded these supporters?