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Inquiry about Alex Jones

Do all or most Ron Paul supporters like Alex Jones? I'm very skeptical, but I don't know too much about him.

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It seems most people on this site like him

Although I don't think this site is any way representative of average Ron Paul supporters.

I for one do not "like" him.

stop it

you won't find much truth about Alex Jones by looking at the opinions of others. if you're curious, go find out!

truth liberate

Introduced many to Ron Paul

Introduced me to Ron Paul in 2007. Urged his listeners to support Ron Paul. I think he's a very valuable news source, often before the news come from official sources in the mainstream news. Especially with regards to government activities. His mistakes are pretty few for the volume of information he constantly covers.

First time I heard of Ron

First time I heard of Ron Paul was on the AJ show in 2000.

The stuff AJ talks about seems crazy to a lot of people but most of what he has said has happened, generally as he said it or is in the process of happening. Others have warned about these things too, I'm not taking away from that or suggesting he is the end-all/be-all - he isn't.

He can sensationalize some things at times that turn out not to be that big a deal and every now and then he jumps the gun. BUT, those situations have consistently been asmall relative to the amount of times he is on the right track.

Without Alex, it is possible (not necessarily absolute) that we would not be here talking about Paul, but that can be said about other individuals too. He has been a major influence in building a national base for Ron. Not saying RP couldn't do it on his own, but....

Before putting his name in the hat for 2008, Paul said he wanted to see if there was enough interest... who do you think the people were calling for him to run? Some Libertarians and everyone who listened to AJ and the other "truth" radio/book/etc. Cause no one else existed at that time. We were on the nether-regions of the Internet.

i support alex

i can't think of any reason to not like him. i don't get why you want to ask this. i find his show extremely informative and motivating. some say he is a fearmonger. i don't agree. it's best to know as much as you can about what is happening in the world, so you can at least try to do something about it. i don't always like his presentation, but that's just how he is. i would NOT recommend alex's show to a newcomer to the freedom movement. it's something most people would not be able to handle without have certain things explained to them first. GO ALEX !


I asked because

I was just curious what people thought. It didn't seem to me that Alex Jones could be helpful in Dr Paul's efforts to gain broader support. Then I found this
and I thought it was helpful in answering my question.

Good in short bursts

Stick around Alex too long and your existence may become defined by fear.

Also, be sure to always check the facts. A lot of his stories do not get verified before they go to print.

The Alex Joneses are invaluable.

infowars.com is on my daily list of news sites.
His interviews are outstanding. Sometimes he makes me scream because he won't stop interupting his guest, or he goes off on something he can't get his mind off. For entertainment purposes, you ought to check out some of his classic rants.
He digs up a lot of stuff too. He's the guy that looks at articles other people ignore. The guy and his crew scour international and domestic news at the LOCAL level--- they're news miners. I like that.
He's also a patriot.

Alex Jones is the real deal

I am a senior citizen who has been listening to Alex Jones for about 5 years now. I am also a subscriber to his prisonplanet.tv program. He has proven himself to be extremely accurate in his assessments of many issues. Alex does get very passionate at times, but if you realize that he has literally sacrificed everything to awaken people to the darkness that has descended upon our beloved country, you can be more tolerant of his occasional "rants". There are very few men today who have willingly laid everything on the line (including their physical lives) to do what Alex Jones is doing. Although everyone may not find his style palatable, you cannot deny the veracity and tenaciousness of his commentary. I would be remiss if I did not also mention the quality of his staff - they are the best!

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

Alex is Alex

When he is doing the right thing, I support him. When he is stroking his ego, or seems to me to serve an undesirable agenda, I ignore him. There is no denying he has done a lot of good, though.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

thank you

that's pretty much my position on him.

First time I ever saw him was on the local news when he got arrested for not giving his thumb print to get a drivers licence.

Already knew about William Cooper by then.

Tough question

I don't think it makes any difference whether we are in the middle of a philosophical slide toward totalitarianism as Leonard Peikoff has said, or the victims of a vast conspiracy. The results will be the same. However, I do think conspiracy theories in general turn many people off, whether they be true or not. Sometimes Alex Jones seems a little over the top. I'm not sure he doesn't hurt the cause. Even if everything he says is true, I'm gonna keep it to myself and just advocate freedom and liberty.

Well we aren't talking about

Well we aren't talking about conspiracy "theories". But, people don't get turned off by conspiracy theories, they get turned-off by information with real substance that would require them to alter their perception of reality - it is too scary for them. Its generally called Denial, in this case Mass-Delusion perpetuated by emotional and social outlets like Super Bowl and American Idol.

Alexed pointed me to Ron Paul for the right answers...

i found out about Ron Paul in 2007 from Alex Jones' website: infowars.com
AJ is a entertainer yes, but he is a true patriot & works relentlessly to get Ron Paul elected.

Not "all" but I...

...would say "most" of us view Alex as a PRIME ally in the fight to promote Ron Paul (as well as TRUTH about nearly all issues).

Personally, I am a prisonplanet.tv subscriber and recommend listening to the Jones show @ infowars.com for the REAL (as opposed to all-lies on the TV box) news to EVERY person I come in contact with.