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If you don't understand occupy Wall St. - updated with video OF END OF march

Then you need to attend an event, and find out what the people are saying.

I just got back from Occupy Boston 10/08/2011, and I can tell you that the people there are as varied as our society. Sure there were some leftists, who wanted to eradicate student debt, basically saying that we owe them an education. But the biggest thing that impressed me, was that the vast majority of the people in attendance, who wanted to End the Fed, and End the Wars. bring our troops home, and start investing in this country.

I saw a person, who was born with disabilities stand up and address the crowd, and say that it was heartless for Americans to deny her the care she needed, because she couldn't care for herself. And I couldn't help but agree with her, if you had seen her, you would know why I say this. The purpose of a good society is to help those less fortunate, but not those unwilling to work.

This society has today given too much to so many that do not contribute. The few who truly do need our help our sometimes neglected, because of our disgust of the lazy people who think we owe them a living.

What impressed me the most, is that this protest, will not hear of partisan politics. They realize that both parties are two sides of the same corrupt coin.

This movement will not be co-opted by the Democrats or the Republicans, like the tea-party was co-opted by the Republicans.

This is truly what America is supposed to be about.

Anyone can stand and voice their opinion.

Basically, you say "mike check", the crowd loudly repeats, "mike check". Then you tell them what you believe, in short phrases, because after each short phrase, the crowd will repeat what you just said. If they agree with what you said, they will raise their hands high and wiggle their fingers, if you digress into what they don't believe they will lower their arms and in some cases not repeat what you said at all.

After watching dozens of citizens speak, I came to the conclusion, that Occupy Boston, will not let any political party co-opt this movement. They are dead set on including everyone in this protest against the corrupt powers that be.

We marched for 3 hours through the streets of Boston, and at the end, we marched straight past the encampment, across the street to the Federal Reserve Building.

Some of the more ambitious protestors, ran up to the glass facade and put their signs and banners against the glass, and then the police rolled in on their motorcycles and bicycles to cut them off, at which point, we all ran full speed to surround the police who had cut off our friends.

So we got the building, about 20 occupiers, then about a dozen police, then about 1000 occupiers in a heated exchange.

And we chanted, "Who are you protecting". Meaning that the police are protecting the Federal Reserve. We chanted this relentlessly for about 5 minutes, the noise was great.

The beauty of this whole thing is that the people want to End the Fed and End the Wars.

Well guess who else wants to End the Fed and End the Wars, Dr. Paul of course.

To me, we got to support our fellow american, no matter what, because ending the federal reserve and ending the wars, would be a great thing for society.

Also, no matter what some of these guys might believe otherwise, when it comes time to vote, I bet they vote for the man, who has made it his life's work to end the fed and end illegal wars.

Video at end of march


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Superb post, Sir Felix...it's

Superb post, Sir Felix...it's amazing how the powers that be will seek to divide and conquer and how we let them by not focusing on the real problem.

Here's a great article about the false division between OWS and the Tea Party:


Rob Q.

Active Ron Paul supporter. Help me spread the word about Dr. Paul by digging my economic and political submissions on Digg.com:


OWS reality check

this short film shows the hypocisy of government.. it is a must see.. 7 minutes only


You can find whatever you seek in the 99%

EDIT: I misread your comment, I thought it said hyposcrisy of the movement. MY BAD! I will leave my reply for any that it might apply to, but I apologize for mistaking you for that person!

You can find problems in OWS. I will be posing my latest video soon, and I am critical of what I found at the meeting I attended. Please feel free to watch my video and believe it points out how hopeless the movement is, that is what you seem to want to see. You need to know that I posted my critique because I see GREAT hope in this movement, and know that if I do my best to nudge it toward truth, then I have added to the chances of a positive result.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

its all good....

I look forward for your new videos from the OWS



Thanks for sharing!

Some people have not been listening to Dr. Paul.

Dr. Paul does not believe in entitlements or welfare.

But Dr. Paul himself, has said, on numerous occasions, that we can't arrive at a solution overnight.

He has said numerous times, that for every two dollars decrease in militarism, we use one dollar to pay down the debt, and the other dollar to help the folks at home.

He is right, and the people who won't reach out to their neighbors are wrong. in my opinion.

How to make a difference!

Make a difference today! Donate on paypal to nintendude_link5000@yahoo.com if you support the occupy wall street movement!

Your agreement with the crippled lady that she is entitled

is simply an endorsement of theft. I'll thank you to keep your charitable inclinations to yourself and keep your hands out of my pocket to satisfy own altruism.

First of all, government charity doesn't work well. If a private charity uses more than half of what it takes in for charitable purposes in the administration of the charity, people would be outraged and would not donate to them, yet the government operated welfare system spends more on administration than on benefits, not to mention the way it demeans those receiving benefits, and the fraud and abuse it allows.

Secondly, there is nothing charitable about taking the wealth one man produces and giving it to another. You can't go around robbing your neighbors to pass out the proceeds to someone else who needs help. Since we created the government, we cannot authorize it to do something that we do not ourselves have the right to do, and really the only legitimate use of force we have is self defense, hence that is the only legitimate thing that we can authorize government to do on our behalf. You are advocating simple theft when you agree with the woman that she should be able to force people through government to take care of her.

Thirdly, when government forces charity upon us, it destroys our charitable inclinations.

Fourthly, if government was not in the business of depriving the majority of their wealth for its own purposes and for the pocketbooks of the privileged few who pull the strings of politicians, we would all have much more of our wealth to do with as we pleased, and people being what we are, charity would be widespread, meeting the needs of those truly worthy of our kindness.

I think your pity has overridden your logic and sense of decency.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

you are correct, and/but . . .

nothing is "working" right now. Not for those who are working hard and have been careful and independent, not for those who are disabled, not for anyone honest; nothing is "working" at this point.

Because of occurrences like the baillouts, 'middle class' America is suffering, and I mean by 'middle class' those who have never taken welfare, those who have not used grants, those who have worked their little fingers to the bone to have a 'good life'--

professionals, independent business people, people who worked their ways through colleges and universities and on farms, etc. People who wanted to make a difference are struggling.

It's hitting everyone who is not part of those who have been bailed out--

Yes, your thoughts ARE pure, and you are idealistic, and I used to be there. And then I began to watch as people who had never 'used' the system, never asked anyone for anything . . . began to 'rot'--because of the way the 'system' has gone--

not because of welfare recipients, mostly, but because of government hand-outs to big banks--

it's a very sad thing to watch a 50 year old engineer who has always worked and always worked hard . . . working nights at a call center for not enough money to pay for his mortgage--

losing his house, even though it was almost paid for.

When you see enough of that, you begin to wonder who the thieves are.

No, this is not a member of my family, but it's a former co-worker.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Thanks Henry for your purity of thought.

But you are missing the boat by so much it isn't even funny.

Think for a moment, if you can.

Think, what would it take for 99% of the people to get behind something, or maybe a couple of things or ideas, that mean a lot to people of all nations.

Ending the wars, is huge, ending the fed is huge.

The fact that I would care for disabled people and you would not, is of little significance.

The core issue is the proper role of government.

Yes, ending these wars of empire and the swindle that is the current monetary system would be huge. But you treat the symptoms and not the disease if you pick and choose which of the improper actions of government you are willing to fight against, while advocating the remainder.

Purity of thought is something I admire in Ron Paul who has stood by his principles over the course of his political career, something that sets him apart from the overwhelming number of other elected officials. He opposes the warfare and welfare state.

Your charitable inclinations are admirable, so make your contributions with your own money and do not tarnish yourself by using force to take the money of your neighbors to serve what you personally see as noble.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Misdirected anger

The main problem is not with corrupt bankers and financiers, although they are they benefitiaries. THe probelem is with our elected officials and unelectable/unaccountable beauracrats that all the bankers and wall street manipulators pay for. Without corrupt government none of these things would be possible.

The politicians and the bankers are co-conspirators.

Is the person taking the bribe or the person offering it more evil, or are they equally evil?

The anger should be directed at both the corporations who seek laws that favor them and the politicians who pass the laws in return for political support, if not direct bribes. And the same can be said for the poor welfare crowd and unions, who offer their political support in return for government largesse.

If we followed the Constitution, the federal government would be 5% of its current size and could not rig markets in favor of bankers or any other special interests.

By far the banking system operating under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 has the largest impact on freedom. When the commercial banks create checking account balances out of thin air and loan them out to the public at interest, there is a huge transfer of wealth from the many to the few. It is no wonder that the distribution of wealth has become so skewed with more and more people being driven toward poverty. And not only does the "out of thin air" monetary fleece the public through interest payments on this counterfeit money, the process creates the boom and bust cycle. It is an unstable, unsustainable system and is in the process of collapsing. The recent bailouts, while large, pale in comparison the the fleecing of the public under this system that has take place since 1913.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Thanks for the history lesson from the ivory tower.

But why don't you put down the spoon, back away from the bowl, and go out into the world, and fight for what is right.

Pardon me, but it just looks and smells like

"Flash mobs meet main street". I give this whole trend a month or two at most, until looting and rioting make them "off limits" by police.

Go there, voice your opinion, participate and get involved.

Then come back and give us an honest opinion.

They call themselves the 99% because they realize that all people have different ideas, and they want to be all inclusive for all Americans.

They understand the Oligarchy that controls America, they want to end the fed, return to sound money, and end the wars.

We cannot win the presidency if we don't reach out to ALL Americans.

The two biggest issues, are the very same issues that Dr. Paul has been preaching for years.

We cannot take this country back overnight, but we will take it back incrementally, the same way that the Oligarchy stole it from us.

The beauty of the movement, is the total acceptance of free speech.

I have no interest in this fad.

I understand people are looking for a new savior, but I'm not into that BS. Mark my words, people will only end up demanding something for nothing and power-seeking politicians will only be too happy to deliver it to them.

The US is a sinking ship and the stowaways are starting to rush the paying passengers, guns in hand.

reedr3v's picture

Great report and activism SirFelix;

thanks so much.

I can't believe you guys are falling for this.

If Wallstreet goes your retirement goes. where do you think all the funds are placed, in a vault somewhere, for safe keeping?

Of course they want it to crash. They invest your money overseas. Are you going to get it back, HELLNO.

Where are all the Smart cookies who claim to be my friends?

I say accelerate it.

It's going down anyway. In the meantime loads of people are wasting their most productive years waiting on the sidelines for any modicum of a decent chance to enter the entrepreneurial game and not get horribly burned by having to slot into a failing system.

Building a useful system outside TPTB's grabby hands would be priority number one if violence wasn't so prevalent against pioneers of a replacement system. (e.g. Liberty Dollar)

At least an acceleration would hurt more and foster more demand to understand what's going on. The services of re-education could happily be provided for a reasonable profit as faith in the status quo continues to fall apart.

It also gets us closer to the baseline where price discovery can work more efficiently and legitimately.

Such a transition won't be without its casualties, though, those with the most to lose are those who strive to perpetuate the ponzi.

I don't want to end Wall St.,

I want to end the corruption and the insider trading.

I was there, I had a voice, people listened, people agreed.

Which event did you attend?

Thank you, Sir Felix!

I honestly wish we could have a thread where ONLY people who attended could comment. "We Are The 99%' means we are uniting, in sp[ite of our differences. For anyone to say "I am not part of that" shows they do not "get it" and nothing more.
Thank you for going, thank you for sharing your experience!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

yes and now you know what the tower of Babel was all about.

Self interest. reaching to Heaven.

Thank you,

Only people that attend will know the truth of the movement.

This is OUR country, it has been stolen from us by an Oligarchy.

An Oligarchy that has only their best interests at heart. They do not care for us, they only care for themselves.
They do not care for America, They only care to increase their wealth and power.

Anyone, who has not been to an Occupy event, does not have the knowledge required to intelligently express an opinion.

Do not believe what little information the state run media decides to give you.

Get out into the world and meet your fellow Americans.

This country is a world of hurt, and we need an HONEST discussion about how to fix it.

If you use the rules of this forum, with regards to respecting another person's free speech, while you talk to your fellow Americans, you will see, that there is common ground, that we must fight for.

It is the moral high ground of ending the corrupt federal reserve, and ending the illegal wars for resources, which only enamor hatred against us, thus making us less free.


Let's put it this way, If you never built a house, how do you expect to tell me how to build a house. Would I be getting good advice from someone who doesn't know what their talking about?

We MUST unite with our fellow man for the COMMON good.

Dr. Paul is only a Republican, because the system is rigged to promote either Democrats or Republicans. Dr. Paul is actually a Constitutional Libertarian.

The message of Constitutional Liberty doesn't divide us,

IT UNITES US !!!!!!!

As an independent free thinkin' soul

this is weird: "Basically, you say "mike check", the crowd loudly repeats, "mike check". Then you tell them what you believe, in short phrases, because after each short phrase, the crowd will repeat what you just said. If they agree with what you said, they will raise their hands high and wiggle their fingers, if you digress into what they don't believe they will lower their arms and in some cases not repeat what you said at all."

So, where did they learn that? Who from? Repeat.. So, where did they learn that? Repeat.. Who from?


But, but, but.. "life should be lived in person" and, I'm not saying that there isn't something good there. Still, I'm unsure of whats goin' on.

Was it taught at elementary school? Robotic comes to mind.
Note the police gulag spyinator-watchtower at: 00:43 and 00:48 seconds, at: 01:24,"the repeaters"

I agree that the way that messages are broadcast throughout

the crowd is foreign to me, but when you think about it, is is very effective.

Some people do not have loud voices, so therefore their thoughts and expressions can still be transmitted to everyone, because when the crowd repeats what you just said, then everyone hears what you just said.

The arms raising up and the finger wiggling, shows you and others as positive feedback, that they either agree or disagree with you.

Arms held high, with fingers wiggling vertically, means they agree.

Arms held not quite so high, with fingers wiggling horizontally, means, that they are not so sure.

Arms held not quite so high, with fingers wiggling vertically downwards means that they don't agree.

But all the while, they repeat what you say, they repeat YOUR message.

It is true acceptance of everyone's thoughts.

I'm not trying

to pervert your message, just lookin' at it for what it is. Oop, Rather, who are these people, and seeing them for what they are.

It's as if this group has been abused somehow and the group-leaders are.. well, like a, some sort of anonymous help group. The Adam Kokesh video helps explain that.


she starts about 6:58 or so explaining: 7:19 minutes

PLEASE remind everyone that

PLEASE remind everyone that you must be a republican to vote for Ron Paul. I talk to so many people that don't even know the difference between the primaries and the general.