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"Live and Let Live" our new slogan?

The tv news reports said it twice yesterday: Ron Paul, the Live and Let Live Libertarian... I couldn't have come up with a more descriptive, all American, truthful tag-line.

Live and let live. Simple. Non-threatening. Lots of implied content that is understood immediately by most people, unlike "Hope" or even 'revolution.' Totally positive message.

It is difficult to put the libertarian philosophy into just a few words without leaving the wrong impression or without being vacuous.

We,the Ron Paul supporters, all know the fundamental principles of freedom, and we understand the far reaching positive effects of leaving people free to pursue their own lives as long as they don't hurt anyone else. However, most people are very afraid of changing the current system of 360 degree, 24 hour, 100% government involvement in our lives because they literally can't wrap their brains around the idea of allowing people to make their own decisions. The average person equates that with anarchy (the bad kind) and deep down believes we MUST have government dictating our next door neighbor's every move (not our own, of course) or who know's what he will do? Trying to convince the average voter that freedom is not threatening is like running a never ending marathon...everyone has something against freedom.

But "Live and Let Live" changes the thought process. The non-libertarian understands the quid pro quo that goes with meddling in someone else's life, and they are likely to say that they are in favor of 'live and let live,' after all they don't want someone telling them what to do either. If you ask the average person if they are in favor of "live and let live" as a personal philosophy, they would overwhelmingly say 'Yes!'

It is important to get people to say that they agree with something that Ron Paul advocates. Once you get a "yes" in one issue, the other issues tend to be easier for them to understand. Get them to say, "yes, I agree with Ron Paul that we should practice live and let live," and they may soon be saying we should end our foreign wars, end drug prohibition, stop over regulating, etc. Live and Let Live encompasses it all.

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Wow, that is my own

philosophy to live by all these years and it helped me get by. That is sound advice.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

It might be more appropriate

It might be more appropriate to say "Live and Let Die," (as in all the bad banks and companies and ideas -- war on terror, drugs, etc...). That way we could have a cool theme song, too.

I like it.

Somehow, I don't think OWS is going to go for it.
They need the barrel of the gov't gun to steal their "free stuff" from us.

Live and Let Live - Its A Great Phrase

There is a thread on here somewhere with a huge list of great phrases. I swear it is on there somewhere as well as tons of other great ones.

I say with the grassroots to RUN WITH IT where it takes you. I think we are too "official" this go around and need a grassroots SHAKEUP

Maybe a viral video based off of the song "live and let die" but swap it out for "Live and let live".

We do need some viral videos that get to the regular folks anyways.

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