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Beat the Media at their own Game

Most mass media today do not (or only very scarcely) do any investigative journalism anymore. They just churn out stories which were either sent to them by PR companies or governments, copied from other media, or copied from the big news agencies like like AP, Reuters, AFP or commercial newswires (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Press_release_agencies).

That is the main reason why Ron Paul is ignored by the media: Journalism has become churnalism, just churning out story after story. For fact checking or investigation is no time anymore, the budgets for this have been cut by those big corporations who bought off all those formerly independent newspapers.

Granted, there is also some political reason for the blackout but the main reason Ron Paul is ignored is that the media do not get enough favourable complete stories about him. Writing articles costs time. The other candidates have most probably hired some PR companies who write stories and fax/email them to the media.

So, we only need to do this as well and use this mechanism to our advantage. Those who are able to write like a journalist: email or fax your finished articles about Ron Paul when there is "an event" to the hub agencies like AP, Reuters, AFP or commercial newswires (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Press_release_agencies) or directly to local newspapers (especially in Iowa and New Hampshire, where it matters most).

Background info about how mass media today distort the truth: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Flat-Earth-News-Award-winning-Distor...

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great idea

great idea

Delegates are even more important

This PR thing perhaps only works with smaller newspapers which are not that tightly controlled. Anyway, much much more important than this is that there are Ron Paul delegates: http://www.ronpaulsignbomb.com/step-by-step-to-delegate.html

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