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Speaking to the OWS crowd about Ron Paul

Fellow Ronulans!

Yesterday at the Honolulu version of Occupy Wall Street I had some success in converting potential voters, and a lot of success making the protestors think about the people running for office (about a 5% voter conversion of the crowd, but the rest certainly had food for thought). I thought I would share it with you. I'm sure many or most of you are already doing something similar, but... just in case...

When I started talking, I summarized the chief complaint of all the protestors there: they are tired of big money influence in Washington DC, and of the "greedy" banks and corporations not sharing the wealth. Some wanted government to step in and do something, and others already knew that change was going to largely come from our dollar vote; where and how we spent our money.

Then I moved into discussing President Obama's devotion and allegiance to Wall Street, and tied in the beau coup sums of money he received in 2008 and will receive in 2012 from Wall Street interests. I told them that Mitt Romney is also a Wall Street sweetheart and gets tons of money from special interests. Finally, I moved to discussing Rick Perry's $17 million haul over 2 months from 20,000 donors, and juxtaposed that with Ron Paul's $8 million haul... from 100,000 donors.

I asked them what they thought that meant, and most realized that Perry was also a sweetheart of corporate interests. I told them Ron Paul doesn't get a dime from the corporations or lobbyists and I asked them if they knew why.

Before I answered, I reminded them why they were there... what they were protesting; corporate money influence in our government. I told them Ron Paul is a threat to the corporate welfare gravy train, and he is the last guy the corporations and banks want in the Oval Office because he would actually work for us instead of them. Isn't that what they wanted? If so, what other choice do they even have?

With 4 people in particular, I swear that seeing them realize this was like (or must have been like) the scales falling off of Paul's eyes after his conversion to Christ.

The wording, the tone of voice and your respectful nature to the person are of key importance. And we also handled conflict in such a way as to bring people to US...

This older lady came over to our table, picked up one of our Ron Paul bumper stickers, glared at us and said, "This guy is a freakin' joke." With that, she slammed the sticker back on the table and stared at me. I smiled at her and asked her, "Why is he a joke?" She looked away and started to leave, so I told her, "I'm sorry you feel that way." She just looked disgusted and kept going, but... 3 people who observed the incident came over to us to ask us about Ron Paul as a result of the scene.

Turn bads into goods and be models of the man and the message.


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funny no1 @ OWS mentioning obama got $8mil from wall st. so far

last election obama got around $16 mil from wall st..

so far in this election he's received around $8 million from wall st.. why isn't anyone at OWS rallies mentioning this?

either they don't know or are willfully ignoring the facts.

i wish more folks would look at dr. paul's contributions. no special interest money. hardly gets any contributions from companies. his tope 3 industry donations in 2008 were from 3 branches of the military:



here's a great piece on all the money obama is getting from wall st. and lawyers:


This is the stuff

I point out to the people at Occupy Honolulu. The vast majority of these people at Occupy Honolulu are socialists, whether they will say so or not... but when you start explaining to them that "their" guy, Obama is, has been, and will continue to be a pal to the corporations and banksters, and show them the money, you can see the sadness in their eyes. I take it a step further and explain that Romney, Perry and the other promoted front-runners are also Wall Street darlings. I show them the money. Then I explain that Ron Paul doesn't get money from Wall Street... and I explain why. D they change? I don't know. But they certainly have food for thought they might never have chewed on before. It has to start somewhere...

"Truth is treason in the Empire of lies." - Ron Paul, MD

and the list goes on...

no one is saying a thing about:

1)GE making over $5 bill last year in profit and paying no taxes yet their ceo is obama's jobs adviser. in addition, ge continues to send jobs to china like they did with their x-ray unit a month ago. moreover, ge (msnbc, nbc)got $165 bill in the bailouts and no1 says a word.
2) solyndra. even bush's team was smart enough to see that this was a disaster waiting to happen. turns out it's backed by a big Dem donor, goerge kaiser, and obama thought it was a great opportunity. signed a loan guarantee that left the taxpayer w/no share of profits only losses.
3) nancy pelosi's bro-in-law is a financial backer of a cali solar company that just got a $750 mill loan guarantee last week.

Only have to point out how both parties answer to same master

and then things fall in line.

You did that by "discussing President Obama's devotion and allegiance to Wall Street, and tied in the beau coup sums of money he received in 2008 and will receive in 2012 from Wall Street interests. I told them that Mitt Romney is also a Wall Street sweetheart and gets tons of money from special interests."

Gary Null calls them a "two-party dictatorship".

Make signs:

"Two-party dictatorship!

This year:

-Obama received $xxxxxxx from banks!

-Romney received $xxxxxx from banks!

-Ron Paul received $0 from banks!

Ron Paul received $xxxxx from the people.

Ron Paul is the People's Champion!"


Socrates would be proud.

Asking questions is great.

Remaining the gentleman, also great.

I suggest we put your questions on a flip-chart (or electronic gadget) and use them in order.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


That would be awesome!! And humbling. Thank you very much!

"Truth is treason in the Empire of lies." - Ron Paul, MD

ytc's picture

ThePertubedP, your "libertyminute" collection is

fantastic for giving that first ticklish appetite for MORE substantial truth.


Your debate skills and optimistic (sunny - hawaiian) patience are greatly appreciated.

Bringing a table-full of Ron Paul info to Occupy! events (& other venues) makes a lot of sense. Many thanks for your dedication, ideas and that positive energy you give us!

Thank you very much...

For your kind words and support! I get so much support and energy from all of YOU!

"Truth is treason in the Empire of lies." - Ron Paul, MD

Alexander Higgins Speech On Why #OccupyTrenton


"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."


The Occupy Honolulu Facebook page just posted a picture of a 2nd Bill of Rights. I commented immediately, and here is what I said:

Aaaand when I checked back to copy my comment to post here, the picture (and my comment) was GONE. They listed the regular stuff... RIGHTS to housing, education, health care, pay when you're sick or old etc... I explained that FDR wanted that, implemented the New Deal, and then quickly ordered Americans to turn in their gold under threat of a $10k fine and prison (April 1933). I reminded them that if they wanted the government to take over the banks and corporations, then they advocated fascism. I reminded them that the government they want to provide these things is the government that wrote laws favoring the banks and corporations that screwed them. I wrote that a government powerful enough to provide all that was powerful enough to take it all away. I wrote more, but I can't recall... it was about fighting corporatism and stopping the printing press at the Fed. I'm not sure if them removing the picture with my comment is a good thing, or if it just means they don't want others reading what I had to say about it.

If you wanna check it out and contribute to the conversation... http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003009737757

We HAVE to at least provide these people with a liberty perspective... Whether it works or not, only time will tell BUT... Let it not be said that we did nothing.

"Truth is treason in the Empire of lies." - Ron Paul, MD

Short-Cut to Attention & Acceptance.

Shine / Reflect Light from the CROSS,
onto /thru the windows of bankster towers on Wall St./Feds.
Usurers /banksters are like Vampires who abhor/ avoid Light, like bats these are creatures of darkness.
From folklore we learn that nothing scares the vampires more than a Cross that reflects Light. Its time to play the real joke on the jokers/yokers who run wall st bank /fed. Therefore this tactic of reflecting light off the shiny cross will be successful in attaining all your demands from them.
Plastic mirror strips would do the job, designed as cross.
Once the Light goes thru the bank'$ windows they will hang a sign outside that says "We surrender", they will accept all your demands. Victory, Jubilee, Liberty.

Obama's #1 supporter in 2008 was Goldman Sachs

The very Wall Street bankers he voted to bail out on the backs of Americans. That says it all in one sentence.

Just ask people if they know who Obama's #1 supporter was:


It's pretty ironic to have Obama supporters out protesting the Wall Street banks that got him elected.

I never knew we had a protest

I never knew we had a protest going on here. I'm living in Manoa. I've been a lone Ron Paul supporter among my friends since 2008, but just within the last week I've had 3 friends that suddenly became supporters and began talking about the importance of ending the Fed.
It's definitely getting better out here. Let me know if there are any other events planned or if the protests are still going on. I've been cramming calculus & c programming all weekend, have 3 midterms to start this week.

In Hawaii


"Truth is treason in the Empire of lies." - Ron Paul, MD

I believe that it is

probably hardwired into many of us to confront. It is also in the nature of a lot of us to lecture with the knowledge we have, but I think you have the right solution. First find out what it is that concerns these people. Then sympathize with them. Then lead them through questions which allow them to come to the conclusions we have on their own. Lastly, and only after they have got there, re-enforce the message. people are much more likely to come to our side by guiding them to the decision than by lecturing them. We need to get these people thinking for themselves.

Old lady

Stick a Ron Paul sticker up her ass and tell her it's paper money.

Best Regards
Nicholas Zounis - Director of Technology & Innovations

Paul's a joke?

Whenever I get a response to some of my blogs supporting Paul and then get a reply saying that Ron Paul is a joke. I respond by saying that they have been brainwashed by the MSM and that's it, I don't get any other response, they shut right up. I'll have to try that in a direct personal conversation to see what happens.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

That's typically what happens

when one confronts another using logical reasoning and questions.

They'll either:

1) create strawmen
2) continue to insult subject of topic/you
3) make up excuse after excuse
4) selectively ignore anything that they cannot answer without seeming hypocritical or flat out wrong.
5) simply walk away and/or not respond

That happened to me nearly every time I pointed out flaws in Obama or socialism or anything else while at OWS.


I'm glad to hear that the OP at least changed SOME minds, or at least helped introduce them to Dr. Paul's message. Great job. Hopefully those brushfires will continue to spread throughout OWS.

A signature used to be here!

She Was an Obama Supporter

Who can't come to grips with the fact that he isn't the man she thought he was. There are many out there just like this.

These types...

whether they realize it or not, they advocate fascism. Some were literally calling for the government to take over, or nationalize all the banks and corporations. My heart almost stopped.

"Truth is treason in the Empire of lies." - Ron Paul, MD

Thank you

for your great work there. Sounds like you handled things very well and kept a positive attitude. Work and attitude will win this thing!

And, a big Salute to the more experienced Ron Paul supporters out there tonight!

My pleasure...

Usually, we're lucky to get one or two people that get the whole, "OH MY GOD," face when we talk to them about things, but between Occupy Oahu and talking with people in Waikiki last night, we did very well indeed. It makes it all worth it!

And likewise, a big salute to all of our more mature Ronulans!! One of my mentors is almost 60, and one of her mentors is over 80!

"Truth is treason in the Empire of lies." - Ron Paul, MD

To people in general

If they seem interested and receptive I give them either a "For Liberty" or an "End The Fed" dvd, or both if they seem really promising. I find they are effective. Buy them in bulk and hand them out.

On our table...

we offer "Liberty Defined" for donations, RP2012 bumper stickers, slim jims on several key issues, and an opportunity to join our efforts to spread the message and promote the campaign!!

"Truth is treason in the Empire of lies." - Ron Paul, MD

Not really surprised about

Not really surprised about the old lady, they rely much on MSM outlets for news, not online alternative media, so most of the work to sway the senior citizen population will have to more in-person.

But wow, good job. We definitely learned a lot from you!!

Old Ladies

Hey, wait a minute, I'M an old lady, and I never watch MSM. I'm LRC, Antiwar.com, Daily Paul all the way. I sometimes wish that whippersnapper Ron Paul would quite going on so much about the "young people",lol. Some of us are old, but the love of Liberty is ageless.

Some of the greatest Ron Paul supporters are our elders.

I'm 30, and having at least a few older Ron Paul supporters in local groups who have been libertarians and Ron Paul supporters for a long time are like finding national treasures. I'm so upset that it took this type of revolution to get in contact with these good people! You wouldn't know they exist if we left it up to the media.

Hey, I resemble that remark!

Hey, I resemble that remark! ;)

Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor