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Herman Cain Exposed: Immigration & Border Conrol

Herman Cain’s immigration plan involves building a colossal wall well over 700 miles long and 20 feet tall envisioned in the same vein as the Great Wall of China.(link) He completes his vision by incorporating an electrified section at the top of the wall and an alligator moat on the other side.(link) Estimated costs would project at over $50 billion (link) His supporters embrace this idea, but do they really take into consideration what the repercussions could be? Furthermore, do we honestly believe that this expensive and immoral act would actually end illegal immigration?

Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment and jump ahead into a future where Herman Cain is president and he has successfully built the magnificent 1,000 mile electrified wall depicted in his grand vision for America. Obviously, one cannot tell the future, but I will offer my thoughts on a post wall future, please keep in mind this is mostly theoretical. Having said that, one cannot deny at least some validity to my forecast as I base them in logic and reality.

How would Herman Cain’s wall affect our relations with the Mexican people or all of Latin America for that matter?

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Here's a candidate only.....

the Fed could love! They're not even trying to hide his Fed Chief past this time!

i will cover that in detail

i will cover that in detail before the next debate