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Missouri's Primary will NOT count! What do you guys make of this?

"Missouri Republicans will probably still get to cast a ballot for a presidential nominee in February, but that vote won't actually count."

They just switched to a caucus as of last week.


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This is the same as it has

This is the same as it has always been. The caucus is the only thing that matters in Missouri. Go to your county caucus on Saturday March 17th and be there by 9:30 am with a bunch of other Ron Paul supporters.

This is the way. Everything

This is the way.

Everything else is just talk. Get to caucus!

Does anyone know anything about...

...or have any personal experience with David Cole?

David Cole

He is from my Congressional District and he ran our Congressional District caucus in 2008. He is from Barry county. Barry county sent a 100% Ron Paul delegation to the District 7 caucus as well as the Missouri State Convention in 2008.

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace


Wow...I'd like to be able to do that in Greene county where Springfield, MO is. I know that I can round up a number of Paul supporters. Any suggestions? I've looked around at delegate training.com but I still don't understand how it works.


Missouri county caucuses are

Missouri county caucuses are March 17th at 10:00am. Start keeping a list of other RP supporters who will go with you to your caucus.

how to

Get registered R right away! Check the registration deadline.

You and your friends and wife go to caucus location early. Dress nice. Leave slogans at home.

Choose a few dedicated RP people to push to the next level. Everyone concentrates their votes on those people to get them to the next level.

[ By the time you get to caucus it is too late to change minds. It will only piss people off and turn them away from voting for you if you tell them your thoughts. Just be pleasant and get the votes to move to the next level. ]

Is that Craighead guy still

Is that Craighead guy still in charge? Did the FBI ever do anything?

Craighead is history

David Cole is running the state party. If I remember correctly, the delegate challenges were dropped at the last minute.

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Did you see that youtube

Did you see that youtube video that float around after the caucus of the establish guy bragging about how he cheated the RP supporters out of Missouri's caucus system?

No, I didn't...

...do you have a link?

This is very good news!

This is very good news!

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

What happened in MO in 2008

is that the primary was used by the Party regulars as a claim that ALL MO delegates to the NRC must be McCain supporters. In fact the rules stated that this should be done by caucus, but when they didn't get the results they wanted, they changed the rules at the last minute, during proceedings, and results at the local level were fabricated after the fact to give them the results they wanted.

Without using the primary, they now have zero claim to do any such thing again. This does not relieve Ron Paul supporters of the responsibility of working their tails off to win delegates, and I have no doubt some shenanigans will be used. In fact, we have much work to do and time is getting shorter.

The RP strategy all along has been for each to focus on the local level. This is what we must do to win in the caucus system in MO, and if we do we will win, because without them having the primary as a baseline, this helps us.

In 2008, the media had convinced many that "Ron Paul can't win". I have no clue as to why ANYONE would ever believe the elitist propaganda sewer, but many did, and now fewer do. From those who stood all day at the polls, it is likely that if every person who preferred Ron Paul had simply voted his preference rather than what they were told to do by the media, Paul would likely have won by a small margin. McCain would have been way down, but they were told beforehand that he was the winner so they produced that result. Damned few in Missouri actually liked McCain.

Another good thing about this is it removes the highly manipulable vote-by-electron issue.

What we do not yet know is what tricks they may have up their sleeves for this, if any. In fact, after my caucus in 2008, I expected to be treated like a rabid possum, but I have been treated with respect since then, and many have quietly confided to me that their views are changing.

Nonetheless, there is much work to be done!

It may cause widespread outrage and revolt.

This is quite sinister. Overall, I remember Ron Paul did best in caucus states. So it's good news overall. Rigging a primary is much easier via electronic voting than rigging caucuses.

Rigging caucuses is done via the thread you linked in your post. It requires a lot of arm twisting and hopefully attracts media attention (but I wouldn't hold my breath) Lastly, it reveals the fraud for itself. I rather that happen and widespread people become outraged. And if no one is outraged in MO then we deserve what we get : (

great news

Caucuses are just giant straw polls. And with this one before April, the delegates will be allocated.

The caucus is the only

The caucus is the only binding election system in MO for the Presidential race. The primary is the straw poll.

My thinking...

I don't know Missouri politics, but on the surface it looks like this benefits us hugely! The article states it is an open caucus system so you just have to be a registered voter is all to participate!!! That's the way it is in Wa., and I just brought my friends and family in my pricinct to the caucus to vote for me, and I made it as a delegate. Wasn't too hard! March 17th is the big day for you. On that day, Missouri needs to win enough Ron Paul delegates to own the county conventions.

What is very interesting is there will be 8 separate district conventions voting for 3 delegates and alternates each on April 21st, to go on directly to the national convention. I see this as a potential bonus for us, because we tend to do well at the county and local level. This plays more to our home turf I think. Let's say we do well at district level, but the establishment runs roughshod over us at the state convention on June 2nd, we still send delegates to the national convention regardless!!!

I'm inclined to say congrats Missouri Ron Paul supporters! Use Meetup.com and good luck!

This I think would favor Ron Paul.

A vote at the polls would have a much broader turnout. Caucuses always have lower turnouts than primary elections, so if we can get organized well enough, we can win.

In 2008 in my county in MO we had only about 20 (average age of about 70)people show up for selection of delegates for our county and the neocons had about double that. In a county of 20,000 people you would think we could scrape up a few hundred Republicans willing to give up four or five hours on a Saturday to stack the vote. In a few counties they managed to actually win in 2008 simply because they were well organized.

Who is organizing Missouri?

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.