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Vanity Fair is "covering" Ron Paul

A bit cheeky ("take one for the team"), BUT, it's Vanity Fair and daily coverage, if anyone's interested:

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Really stupid article by

Really stupid article by Vanity Fair. Not clever, not funny, not good.

It's nice to be able to start getting picky!

When I read this post I realized something that made me grin.

I think we used to be so starved for Ron Paul coverage that we would read anything, anywhere that mentioned Ron Paul. So just a few weeks ago I would have clicked the link without question.

This time I didn't really feel the need to. I've seen some of Vanity Fair's posts. They're not bad, but they're not great either. I've always been able to take jokes about Ron Paul or us supporters rather lightly; I even enjoy them sometimes - but this series just is kind of lame quality in general. The author(s) just isn't that clever.

Anyway, I didn't click because we're getting so much more coverage these days (and creating so much content ourselves) that I've started to become more picky and choosy about what I'll bother reading.

That made me grin. Media like Vanity Fair used to be able to count on getting a lot of hits for their Ron Paul content because they didnt have much competition. Now they do. Everyone's starting to at least mention him. So if they want to continue getting their traffic, they're going to start having to step up the quality. That goes for the jokes too. If they want to crack jokes about the campaign or supporters, they're going to have to be good ones. They're not the only folks in town anymore.

I love it.

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Ok, and we should watch Vanity Fair's

Ron Paul Watch, to assist them if they fail to report accurately :)