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Please use this comparison sheet for tabling and canvassing

I have loaded a candidate comparison to my FB pages: ronpaulforlibertydc and occupythemedia DC - as well as to some meetup groups in early primary states, though i haven't gotten to all of them since meetup has restrictions as to postings. Please friend either of the Facebook pages and download the comparison sheet. It was used at the Value Voters Summit in DC and a lot of people said it had a high impact. OR you can email me directly at thomasconway@gmail.com and i'll reply with the document. It is a comparison between Cain, Romney and Paul - i didn't include Perry since i think most people have realized that not ONLY is he a corporate shill, but a moron as well... anyways, please download and get the document printed by an offset printer (not at a kinkos) an offset printer will have a large minimum but will probably be able to print the double sided sheet off at between a nickel and 6 cents a sheet. This doc is going to be used at tabling events in VA/DC/MD as well as in our door to door canvassing. State Ron Paul campaign headquarters should be able to furnish listings of registered republican voters for canvassing purposes. Good Luck! and share this!

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yes- upload it somewhere for download


why don't you upload it to

why don't you upload it to google docs or something. Noone is gonna wanna email you after the many phishing scams we have seen go on..

hmmm, i never shared on

hmmm, i never shared on google docs before but you make a good point - i'll figure it out and repost! thanks!

thomas conway