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Interview of Dubya

Thought this ABC interview would give some more incentive to donate to the Ron Paul cause considering those on this video clip including one with the initials: G.S.


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Bush looks

worn out, scared...almost humble! That was surreal!

Anyway, did I hear that interviewer correctly? Did he say Bush played no golf while President? I could have sworn I viewed several instances of him playing golf...while President.

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I see him posing with men who have had their limbs blown off, from a war that he and his cronies lied about, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I know enough about 9/11 to know that he is a liar of the sickest order, and I hope justice finds him.

I'm reminded of him and his minions coming out and publicly saying, "we had no idea that they could use planes as weapons." I guess being a military pilot, he probably wasn't taught about the Japanese Kamikaze. Or was aware that the Pentagon had drilled for the exact scenario that happened.

I'm going to refrain from letting the rest of my thoughts be known about this family, and their history of criminality.