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The Republican Presidential Debate, October 11th at 7P ET - Your Comments/Insight

Please paste your tips, comments, remarks and/or insight regarding our next debate.


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What sort of OWS question(s) will be asked?

What do you think of the protest?

Do you agree with the protest?

How would you handle the protest?

What needs to be done to stop the protest?

Many great points


another live link

I feel like right now

Herman Cain is the biggest threat. Dr. Paul needs to point out the flaws of this 9-9-9 crap. In reading posts by Cain that is the one thing they most support him for. Dr. Paul needs to really research the plan as stated on Cain's website and point out the flaws in it. I think if people could be shown that this is not going to help anyone but the government that they would leave Cain quickly.

Cain's flawed math: 9+9+9=27!

I have not heard this explained before that Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is basically a 27% Federal tax split 3 ways. The easiest way to decode this is to ask fiscal conservatievs who support the 9-9-9 plan is: do you really think a 27% federal tax on everybody is fiscally conservative? In other words, shouldn't real fiscal conservatives be trying to cut taxes (and spending) rather than just rearrange the current tax code so that we all end up paying about 1/3 of our money to the Federal government.

Another consideration I get very weak answers to is why 9%? Why not a 6-6-6 plan or a 33-33-33 plan or a 0-0-0 plan. I never hear a good answer to that other than the 9-9-9 plan is "revenue neutral". One of the biggest problems with the 9-9-9 plan is that as history proves, the percentages can easily be increased by future politicians. The real problem with Cain's silly 9-9-9 plan does nothing to address the real problem of our government today, which is out of control spending.

Here is the official script for tomorrows debate:

Romney, Perry, Cain:


How Bloomberg Sees Paul:


It's a student crowd so there should be strong audible support

in my honest opinion, I don't

in my honest opinion, I don't think Ron is going to get the nomination this time around if things stay the same for the following reason: he doesnt engage the competition much at all. you have to first understand that the media are a bunch of scumbags, and they won't give Dr. Paul a fair shake. therefore, the only way for him to compete against the "front runners" is for him to call out their bull**** policies and ideas and engage them.

as it is now, he gets a few meaningless questions at the debates, and he either gives a weak and rushed answer (they only give him like 30 seconds and the questions they ask him are dumb enough as is) or he gives a solid answer, but it really doesnt stick because he can't contrast it against anyone else or talk about it at length in a dialogue.

in my opinion, Dr. Paul and his campaign should be more aggressive in explicitly challenging the other candidates' views. additionally, he should try to train himself to work around the horrendous debate dynamics. for instance, if they ask him another bs question on heroin or an uninsured american, he should just ignore it or give a token answer but then go on about some of his big points. no one really cares how well candidates answer the original question anyhow. i mean..look at the frontrunners for God's sake

look, like i said, these debates are hosted by scumbags..they aren't going to give him a fair treatment! he's gotta take this to the next level.


icepick, it is ALL ABOUT DELEGATES. Are you working to become a national delegate? Not somebody else - you, yourself. Become a delegate and it happens!

"look at the frontrunners for gods sake"

Ron Paul doesn't need to be agressive, I'll be aggressive for him. We have the strongest grassroots movement in the history of modern politics, don't underestimate yourself, but good that your estimating yourself. We will win.

I agree with you, and even

I agree with you, and even Chris Wallace & Brit Hume mentioned that recently. But I look at the sentiment of republican voters. Most are undecided with the current crop of candidates. That's the group we need to tap into. But the only way to reach them is for the campaign to assert themselves into the fray -- otherwise no one will know Ron's positions fully.

In '08, it was similar, but the great success then was that that was Ron's first campaign with the advent of the internet. So young people like myself were able to look up youtube videos and forum posts and things like that. In other words, Dr Paul and his campaign didn't have to actively assert themselves as much, because we tech saavy people could just look him up and get a much better view of his positions than those sham debates would allow for.

Now he has that solid support, but in order to win the nomination he has to reach the average republican, and the only way to do that in my opinion is by getting more aggressive to make sure he is heard just as much as the others. The average republican voter just watches the debates and fox news and maybe one or two shows on other networks. For instance, I told one neocon that Ron Paul got the most donations from active duty military than all the other republicans combined and he said "what? i don't believe that. then how come fox news didn't report on it??" I bet if that fact alone were more widespread, Ron's numbers would increase quite dramatically.

As for us, yes, we are the most solid group of supporters for any candidate by far. But I know that most republicans are afraid of at least some libertarian positions, and the only way to assuage that fear is for Ron to explain and defend it like he does best.

ur right, if he would just say that he received

more donations from the mililtary than all of the candidates combined then he would turn heads.

cheat sheet

Dr Paul,
Fire up the crowd and call out your competitors for their incompetence and ignorance.
I know you don't like to attack other candidates, but many republican voters won't do any real research. It may be necessary to help educate the television audience yourself. So here is a little cheat sheet

Federal Reserve crony, thought the economy was great in 08.
IRS crony.. nah wait just let her talk, she'll do all the work for you
Forced young girls....nah wait....see Bachmann
could be a friend on the AFG issue
hasn't read Scheur or Pape, went along with Bush socialism
Romney; this guy is gonna be tough
healthcare mandates, flip flop on 2nd amendment, thinks god talks to him about America leading

How to Win

Follow this script: "I alone predicted the housing bubble and recession. I alone opposed TARP and the bailouts. I alone have a real plan for cutting spending and cutting taxes. I alone have challenged the inflation of the Federal Reserve consistently. I alone have been claiming my whole career that medicare and social security are insolvent. I was ignored. Why is it that a consistent voice is considered crazy? Why is it that being able to predict these issues considered weird? I am the only one here who is willing to tell the truth and not sugar coat the issues. The media portrays me as strange and unelectable for this, but aren't these the things that we want from politicians? If you truly want to save this country and do not want to be talked down to, then I am the only politician worth voting for."


I don't think Ron Paul would even consider your script. Yes, the points you bring up are all true. But Ron Paul does not like to paint himself as a prophet (your wording of "I alone preddicted..." does this). He's too humble for that, especially in a huge laundry list type script.

As for unelectable issue, I always thought Ron should answer something like this: "I'm not sure how you can even suggest I am unelectable. Let me remind you I am a Congressman from Texas that has been elected and re-elected for 12 for terms by the people of my district. In this presidential run, let me remind you I have been elected at the top candidate in just about every single Republican straw poll in the nation in the last few months. Just this last quarter we raised over $8 million doallrs from over 100,000 individual donors. Our grassroots support, donor base, money raised with little or no campaign efforts is know to many as legendary. Despite very biased and minimal news coverage, our support continues to grow. I think it is about time you admitted that I am a top tier candidate."

These debates

are horrible for Ron.
The only glimmer of light is that Cain will be the punching bag this time.
If he holds up better than Perry, we're in trouble.

Ron will get 2 or 3 questions, one of which he'll get booed by the audience.
The booing will be the lasting memory for the undecided people watching.

I can't wait for these debates to end.

Jesse Benton: RON PAUL MUST;

Distinguish himself during this debate. Please Ron, tell the people you predicted the housing bubble and financial crisis. Ask the other candidates how they can claim to have solutions to our economic problems if they never correctly identify the problem? Bring up TARP and how Cain/Romney/Perry all supported the program. Reference te Constitution and tie it into fixing the economy.

This debate needs to be a separator for us. God bless you in this debate.

He should call out their name in his first answer

doesn't have to be a negative comment, just something wrong with their policy. This will get rebuttal time.

especially, call out Santorum, Johnson, Bachman so to take away time from Romney, Perry and Cain.

Yes, I agree with every word.

Yes, I agree with every word. Unfortunately, I think we should all have very low expectations. It's been nearly a month since he's had a solid debate performance, much less that much facetime. Everyone is going to be fighting over each other to see who speaks next because everyone (except Romney really) needs it. But RP can't allow himself to be relegated or snubbed this time around.

As to all the people suggesting he go after Cain... no. There will be plenty of ways for him to demonstrate his difference to Cain in far more effective (read: subtle) ways. Besides, in order for people to start perceiving Paul as the frontrunner, he can't be breaking his usual statesman-like demeanor to go on the attack.

It was one thing to go after Rick Perry like he's done, because they after all both serve the same state, but he should be more focused on emulating Romney/Gingrich's style than someone like Bachmann/Santorum, who attack anyone so that they may get more facetime.

The economy is RP's issue. I just hope he's not afraid to explicitly say so. Knowing how humble he is, that's a great concern.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

8:00PM EST

From the campaign website:

Dartmouth College Presidential Debate, sponsored by Bloomberg, The Washington Post and WBIN, will be held at Spaulding Auditorium, Hanover, NH on Tuesday, October 11th at 8 pm Eastern.

Ends at 10pm.

And since a lot of people

And since a lot of people still think Romney should be the one because he's a "business man", I think going after him on comments about increasing military spending in his first 100 days of presidency would hurt him. How is that to help our economy? Seems people have become complacent and apathetic towards war because we don't hear about the repercussions very often (like daily broadcasts of death and injured during Vietnam War era). "Out of sight, out of mind". Many would rather beat the war drums with no thought whatsoever of what happens to families, enemies continually being made, our country being broken economically, or the wounded veterans continuing to grow. As I've said before, tying economy to just about every issue is a good thing. More people are waking up to what's coming (although many are misguided as to why)...................Herman Cain's recent comments on people ought to work instead of ask for handouts is what is giving him support. I wouldn't go off on that necessarily but focus on his lack of economic understanding because he missed the banking collapse in Sept. 2008. He also has said the Federal Reserve did not need auditing at one time. And Cain supports more taxes during a severe recession (not good at all). Does Cain support bringing home troops? That might be good too if he doesn't. Most Americans want the wars over.

If Ron Paul wins the polls afterward...

If Ron Paul wins the polls after the debate, they will be deemed meaningless by the pundits.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Ought to bring up fact that

Ought to bring up fact that Cain called our economy terrific a week before the September 2008 banking collapse. http://www.tomwoods.com/blog/one-week-before-collapse-cain-s...

Call out the others by name during answers

this way he may be able to get rebuttle time to add to original question.

Need to get more time to deliver the goods, so do what is necessary to get more time.

I disagree. Even though it

I disagree. Even though it may add to his total amount of time, that's just more time for other people to perceive him negatively. Think of how people look at Santorum and Bachmann, who have, for the last couple of debates now, not shied away from slinging mud at any opponents they find relevant to the topic at hand.

They come off not only as desperate but also bitter. I don't think Paul needs that at all.

If you're worried about him getting more time or clarifying his point, then there's a better solution: he should make his point clear the first time around.

We need more of Paul's message as presented in his latest ads if we are going to court the GOP base. We already have enough ground troops who know what Paul is talking about. It is OUR responsibility to teach and clarify Paul's positions for other people. But if in a debate where you have to resort to these tactics to explain yourselves, you're already losing.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater


I think this is ron pauls default strategy, let everyone else tear each other to shreds, and let Ron Paul be the only mature person in the room.

Oh YES!!!

Another great point.


Who has been invited on the Bloomberg and other financial channels to discuss economic and monetary policy, more than all of the other candidates combined?

Answer: Ron Paul

Q: Which candidate can't even pronounce Keynesian Economics correctly, much less understand the difference between it and the Austrian School?
A: Rick pArry

Q: Who laughed and said the economy was sound, when Ron Paul was warning of the collapse?
A: All of them

Q: Who doesn't know the difference between the US Constitution, and The Declaration of Independence?
A: Herman Cain

chairman cain

of course chairman cain doesn't know the constitution. if he did, he would know that the fereral reserve is unconstitutional and therefore illegal.


FYI protest planned

A student group with ties to SEIU plans to protest "GOP economic policies, in addition to expressing solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.” - on the Green from 4PM to 8PM. http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/10/occupy-wall-street-protest...

Paul supporters had already planned a sign wave at 4:00 in a different area. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=136598126434103
Things might get interesting.



Intelligence info... Thanks

You should make that in BOLD print.