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BlackThisOut! protest-promotion at FOX/CNN/MSNBC HQ in NY, 15th-19th oct.

We Ron Paul supporters will be gathering at MSM FOX, CNN, MSNBC headquarters in New York for 5 consecutive days, from Saturday, 15th till Wednesday 19th october, to raise our voice against blatant media bias and ignorance towards Ron Paul and his Presidental Campaign and to promote 19th october BlackThisOut! moneybomb, the ultimate Ron Paul grassroots moneybomb, as our responese to that.

We will protest and promote BlackThisOut! moneybomb every day from 12 pm to 6 pm at three different locations in New York, in front of FOX, CNN and MSNBC headquarters, from Saturday 15th, till thuesday, 18th, and at Wednesday 19th whole day from 8am till 11.30pm, daring them not to report on that as well.

At Wednesday, 19th, we will provide big screens showing RonPaul2012 web page with donations counter and ticker. Also we will provide live stream from one of this three locations with prominent guests, and live reports on all events related to BTO moneybomb around the country.

If You are from New York area, come and join us on any or every day, from 15th till 19th, to send loud and clear message to mainstream media and everybody else that r3VOLution is live and well, even though it isn't televised!

FB event page:


Please invite all Ron Paul supporters from NY area to attend this event! Tweet about it, post about it on Facebook and You Tube! Onward for r3VOLution!

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If you're gonna announce a protest/rally, it might help to include the locations where it is to be held. That way, people will know where to go. :)

awesome! I like the big screen idea too!

keep up the activism!

I like this

I like it. A cross between Tea Party II and Philly Rally II.

I think this is a good idea!

I think this is a good idea! Just might get the kinda attention we need.