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Attn: New Yorkers!! Get yer asses down to Wall St NOW and bring registration forms!

There are thousands of people down there who don't realize they are Ron Paul supporters yet, and are either unregistered or registered Dem/Green/Ind. We need to organize a SERIOUS drive to get these folks to register Republican for NY closed primaries: THEIR DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY!

PLEASE don't let this phenomenal opportunity go to waste! C'mon! It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel!!

Many of these young people who obviously know something is wrong were only taught pseudo-Marxist philosophies by their colleges, so be understanding and help show them the light that they have been deprived of in their education.

Make giant signs explaining Paul's positions on corporatism, wars, drug policy, banker bailouts, Patriot Act and the Fed, etc. (That is really important because passers by can have their curiosity peaked and attention drawn to those answering questions and offering registration cards, without the Paul activists having to speak and explain things to too many people at once.)

Ask them how AMAZING it would be to see Obama debate Paul on the above issues. Remind them they can still vote for whoever they want in the general election.

Explain to the big-government-solution people who don't want to attack government that they can still join our fight against the FED because it is not Federal, that it is a cartel of PRIVATE banks that wield power OVER the government. I made a lot of liberals that criticize us for being anti-government pause and think when I bring up this crucial point.

If you can afford to help print out this kick-ass image for signs and banners to bring to the occupations, PLEEEASE do so immediately, TIME IS RUNNING OUT: http://goo.gl/sXXJf

If you want to talk about drug policy make sure you know what has gone down in the past week:
http://goo.gl/2jiK4 & http://goo.gl/1XLXH

I'm not trying to promote my own post but this message, worded better perhaps, REALLY needs to be on DailyPaul's front page. Please vote up.

EDIT: And yes, it goes without saying that the BTO Money Bomb should be promoted to those at the rallies and live-ins and teach-ins who already support Paul.

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Ahem-frontpage-ahem cough cough

I love your fire

and I love your post, and I thank you for your motivation and dedication!!!! Keep kicking ass!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Yes, great idea and great

Yes, great idea and great timing.

The left libertarians, the...

far left Kucinich types in these OWS are ready recruits to our movement. The Revolution needs them to clinch the GOP Nomination for Ron Paul.

A new wave of Blue Republicans, ripe for the picking!

Like I always say since the start of OWS, this nationwide movement is BIG for the Revolution. It needs to be mined for new Ron Paul foot soldiers...

occupy the white house

brilliant !!


This really IS urgent

I'm on the West Coast and will do the same at the occupy rallies in the Bay Area, but right now, it is way more massive in NYC than anywhere else, and NY has the earliest registration deadline (this Friday), which is why I think this is so urgent, and could really use a boost by being on the front page.

Indivuals going around with reg forms doing what can is spectacular, but getting enough to set up a booth/tent and make big signs/banners could extremely valuable to this campaign.

Is it me, or are most of

Is it me, or are most of these larger rallies confined left-leaning urban centers on the coasts? Seems the disenfranchised left is still doing all the foot stomping, demanding more free jobs and truckloads of money delivered to their pockets since all of the evil businessmen got theirs. Not seeing a big upside to these pout-fests.

I totally agree!!!

"PLEASE don't let this phenomenal opportunity go to waste! C'mon! It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel!!"

That place (and any OWS everywhere) must be SWIMMING with left libertarian Kucinich-types, a literal sea of liberal/far left Ron Paul converts, ready for the picking!!

Also, don't forget to mention the Daily Paul..our member community would SWELL (get ready, Michael)...

I will be there...

This is a great idea. How do I get a large quantity of registration forms? Also, any ideas as to how to approach people? Signage, just talking to people, smacking some sense into them?

You can print them off the

You can print them off the internet or go to the supervisor of elections office nearest you. Just google new york city voter registration...

Get ready for BlackThisOut protest & moneybomb promotion in NYC

And also get ready for BlackThisOut! protest & moneybomb promotion at FOX/CNN/MSNBC HQ in NY, 15th-19th oct


And don't forget

to have all the new converts chip in to the Money Bomb too!

Of course it would be nice to

Of course it would be nice to have more Ron Paul supporters, but you must also keep in mind the old saying, "easy come, easy go". I think many of these people could easily be "bought off" by government opening purse strings and spending more of my tax money on shallow programs to appease potential voters, or by offering a "shoulder to cry on" to the protestors. Any people who are won over easily will not be educated enough to lecture their fellow protestors convincingly. Hard core Ronverts (Ron Paul converts) are usually the ones who found Ron on their own.

You can already see the establishment Left using these mobs as their excuse to push more socialism, now that Pelosi and Sharpton see blood in the water.

Hope they see this and do it.

Hope they see this and do it. Even 10 more supporters will eventually get us hundreds more.

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That's right


Keep this bumped

Use the example that Adam has been in talking to folks. Bring voter registration cards and make sure they fill them out, then turn them in for them. You can likely have them fill out online as well and know that they have sealed the deal.

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Is there a meet up

Group in the area? Who do we have on the ground there ? Lets get a tent set up there !! Chip in for food /water.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain



'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


This is important!

Here is how we exploit the movement!

I'd actually be pleased if the MSM started reporting that Ron Paul supporters are out there getting Occupiers to register Republican to toss out Obama and put in someone who'll fight to take down big-govt. and corrupt corporations!

For the love of all that is pure and Holy...

I wish I could be there to do this. PLEASE NY! PLEASE do this for Ron Paul and the Republic.

attention moderators

change butts to asses lol

"get yer asses down there to

"get yer asses down there to convert some asses to elephants!"


i edited the tittle from asses to butts, but by all means, mods feel free to edit it back. Let's use clear and honest rhetoric here! :P


i could be there to help! Its about time someone put our differences aside, and decided to give a correct path for the headless chickens to follow

URGENT - the deadline is THIS Friday!

After that, if they have not registered, they cannot help us (if they are New Yorkers, that is!

I recommend this video from Tom Woods - for "progressives" on why they should register and vote for Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/user/TomWoodsTV#p/u/1/iH75aZcoMJQ


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