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Ron Paul could come in #2 in most of these: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida, then it's Paul vs Romney!

If Ron Paul is in a solid #2 position behind Romney in February, a Tipping Point realization could help get Ron Paul the nomination? Given the choice when it's finally down to Paul vs Romney; who are you going to believe? The southern states have many military families that want their love ones home.

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Ron Paul will be 1st in Nevada at the state GOP convention. Is everyone from Nevada going to their caucus to make this happen?

Will they keep the lights on

Will they keep the lights on this time?

I am trying to visualize

a massive blizzard on the day of the primary here in the Peoples Republik of oHIo. This should keep most of the NeoCons and Q-tips away. Ron Paul supporters like myself, will commandeer a dog sled team to get to the polls if that is what it takes.

Enthusiasm has taken us this far and maybe, enthusiasm and sheer will, will allow us to carry the day...and maybe a little miracle will come our way.

To win Paul will have to win

To win Paul will have to win IA.

An IA win will result in a strong 2nd in NH instead of a weak 2nd.

After these two states everyone will be done except Paul, Romney, and one of Perry/Cain

Then best case is to win NV, 2nd in SC to Perry, and 2nd in FL to Romney.

Iowa is a springboard

I remember watching the news after huck took Iowa in 2008. All of a sudden it was all about Huckabee. If we can win Iowa then things heat up quick.
If he wins Iowa, then NH takes a 2nd look at him with better numbers to follow. Paul took 2nd in NV in 2008, I would expect 2nd again. SC and FL will be rough, but after that it will be down to 3 or 4 candidates, and we have the money to keep it going.

If we embrace the OWS protests

We will come in 4th in all of these.

I think we have a shot at 1st or 2nd in Iowa.
2nd or 3rd in NH
2nd or 3rd in NV
3rd or 4th in SC
Doomed in Florida.

If the winners are a scattering we are Ok.
If Romney wins 3 of 5 and Cain is getting 2nd, we are DONE.