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From Prophet to President - Fantastic Vid to Share

Really liked this one!


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If I could change it

I'd make the title "From Predictor to President". Or something along those lines...I agree that calling him a prophet could turn off certain segments of voters.

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The difficulty with "Prophet to President" can largely be ....

resolved by actually watching the video. The problem is some won't watch it for that reason. Prognosticator, Anyone?

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Awesome video

but I agree with the person below who said the title needs changed. The Prophet part could be mistaken as a religious statement instead of simply just a person who prophesized all of this before it happened. Keep up the great work!!!!

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Great video, marginal title

The video is excellent! We really need to hammer on his consistency, and his ONE "flip flop" deserves some play, too. Perry is gettin ggrief for all his executions, RP went from for death penalty to against it, based on DNA evidence overturning too many convictions. A VERY reasonable "flip flop." Almost the Christian thing to do... ;)

The title: It will turn off non-religious people, and those of us who think "waiting for a savior" is a huge problem do not want a "prophet" for president. Your video does NOT play him like a savior or have any religious overtones, I am not sure putting the word "prophet" in the title is doing you favors.

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Is good. Like how u plug the

Is good. Like how u plug the moneybomb at the end..would love people to see this one! :)