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Lamar Smith Primary Challenge??

Lamar Smith is a career politician, he's now pushing a bill to make the DEA's reach global. Just another Neo-Con finding new ways to imprison Americans.

Are you a college student/ average American looking to study abroad/ backpackin Europe? If you ever discussed the idea of visiting Amsterdam and buying a joint, you can find yourself under federal indictment when you get home, eventhough marijuana is legal in Amsterdam.

How far will these laws eventually go? Arresting a 19 year old US Navy sailor because while at port in Thailand he legally drank a beer with his shipmates?

It is clear that Lamar Smith MUST GO!

In 2012, His district TX-21 will include South Austin & Travis county, New Braunfels, north San antonio and west past Kerr County.

Are there any real patriots who live there who might have the courage to challenge Leering Lamar Smith in the March 2012 primary?

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