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Memo to Republican National Committee: Give Us Ron Paul or We Will Give You Obama

This thread is up to you to fill in.

What would you say to the Republican National Committee?

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If Ron Paul is not a choice, I will personally vote


I totally agree that there is not a dimes worth of difference between Obama and the seven Republican alternative to Ron Paul.

But my long term mind set is that a violent revolution is in the cards, so unless Ron Paul gains power to guide us back to freedom, there is really no solution to be had at the voting booth, and we will be eventually forced to literally fight to regain freedom. Just being a realist.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Please re-consider!

Why not vote third-party? Do you really think it is worth voting for a statist cubed? Is this a real alternative?

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

As Someone Else

on this site pointed out, they can't win without us.

From my standpoint, I don't really give a **** who wins if it isn't going to be Ron Paul. The rest of the crowd, perhaps with the exception of Gary Johnson, are all applying varying degrees of pressure on the throttle pedal of the vehicle they're carrying us in on the Road to Hell.

Same only different, two sides of the same coin. None of these other clowns has a clue how rigged the deck is and will be compromised as soon as they take office. Eslewise, they're already gamed, just like Obama.

If RP isn't elected, I'll never come back to the US on any permanent basis. There's no point anymore, not in my lifetime.

I don't really care what

I don't really care what effect it might have on them, for me it's "Vote Ron Paul, or Not At All!"

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

I have never been that

I have never been that enthusiastic to vote republican before. I did because they are the only people who won't raise taxes but with the tea party movement I see an opportunity to push some of those liberal democracy ideas that the founders of this country believed in.

A republican party that ignores this demand won't get my vote.

Which of those "liberal democracy" ideas...

are you referring to? And which one's are the tea party movement holding out as promising?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

The founders were liberal democrats?

I never knew that....

I'd like to tell them that my Committee is illegal

and I'l like to know how many other committees are illegal, not operating with a full quorum, ever! What do they intend to do about committees that have too few members to be legally operating?

something I suggested September 17th on another RP forum...

Voting Strategy: Influencing the Machine

Playing devil's advocate for a moment:

Would there be any benefit to a circulating petition PRIOR TO THE PRIMARY election wherein Ron Paul supporters pledge to vote for Opposition to the Republican Presidential Candidate should Ron Paul not be selected as the winner of the primary election?

If all (or at least a significant number) of Paul supporters were to side against the Republican candidate, it would pretty much guarantee that the Republicans would lose the 2012 election. Paul supporters wouldn't even need to vote for Obama (I can understand that being too distasteful). If they voted for ANYONE else, either by writing in Dr. Paul if that is an option, or a third party candidate, the result would be the same.

For this to stand a chance of being influential, this would all have to be done and common knowledge PRIOR TO THE PRIMARY.

What do you think? Expectation that such a thing would happen naturally is one thing, but a virtual guarantee beforehand is another.

I think that the Republican

I think that the Republican National Committee's first concern is whether or not someone can beat Obama. And I certainly think they would take anyone who is a Republican over Obama; that is party politics.

However, I think there is reasonable doubt that any of the candidates could beat Obama. Mostly because people vote so much based on identity, and Obama has that locked up.

Ron Paul faces the particular problem in that when it comes to a general election, it is very easy to make him seem like a crazy candidate. That always happens when you are voting for someone against the status quo. His ideas are so revolutionary, that it is easy to make people scared of him.

A lot of Americans would not understand Paul's argument about the wars and Iran, and would get scared. Other's would head for the hills on his comments on SS and Medicare....

So it falls on Ron Paul and his supporters to educate the masses, subvert this eventual portrayal by the media, and change Ron Paul's message so it is more pleasant-sounding.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

The sad truth is...

the the establishment...the republicons and the democraps would rather have Obummer and the status quo rather than have Ron elected President because they know if Ron wins...the shenannigans come to an end, and perserving the "game" outweighs everything else in their sick, evil, perverted, twisted little minds.

I have no desire to vote for the 'lesser of two evils',

life is far too short to spend trying to discern which of the 'big government' cronies will have the least impact on my life, liberty, or property. The choices this season are especially dismal. We have the choice of a Fed chairman who will add a 9% sales tax on top of the 'tax on work for pay', and the one who governed over the Obama care, states version.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I will be voting for Ron Paul

I will be voting for Ron Paul in the primaries and in the general election; regardless of whether or not he is the nominee. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still an endorsement for evil. Furthermore, the libertarian wing of the Republican party has grown large enough to have veto power on the republican candidate. I intend to use that veto power each election cycle until a candidate is nominated that is closer to the ideals of modern Libertarianism. I oppose an interventionist foreign policy, top down federal intervention in public affairs and a Federal Reserve monetary system. I will not vote for someone who does not echo me in at least these three areas.

The only real difference

The only real difference between Obama getting reelected or being defeated by Romney/Bachmann/Cain/Perry is the voters will have to cover the moving expenses.

That being said, I've already stated many many many many times that if Paul isn't the nominee, I'll have no choice but to vote for the right-most candidate, who at this point is Barack Obama.

BTW, isn't what you're doing (pardon the pun) blackmail? LOL!!!

Not blackmail...

Extortion maybe.
Blackmail is a threat to expose an unpleasant truth.

And so what if it is? It's long past time to play nice.

There are only two options:
Ron Paul
Non Paul.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

For me

it's either Ron Paul, or NOT AT ALL.

I'm not into "blackmailing" anyone, but I will call it like I see it. Not voting for Ohmamma, or anyone else either.

I'd be surprised if I ever voted again.

Last time I voted in a Presidential election was Perot.

It will be back to contingency plans, and bracing for impact.

This whole Idea of getting in their face at this stage of the game is inadvisable IMO. There is already a rumbling out there, speculating how RP could impact the race. I don't think we need to amplify that at this point.

On the other hand, they need to know that RP is the only one qualified, and that THIS IS HIS/OUR TIME!!

RP has been warning for years about what was coming when the others laughed. This seems like destiny. It needs to be conveyed that way to the rest of the public.

Ohmamma is already trying to play the "underdog." Ron Paul's story of being an underdog and standing alone, but being RIGHT, is even more powerful.
That's why they are going to throw everything in the book at him and us.

Sounds like a good bumpersticker.

I'm voting Ron Paul, or not at all!

I like the concept but they

I like the concept but they would play it out as extortion by crazy Ron Paul supporters. Sometimes I feel America doesn't deserve President Paul. I'm prepared for the inevitable just as I'm sure most of you are. Some people can only learn the hard way.



The great experiment is

The great experiment is coming to its conclusion. We'll see whether the common man can be free. I, against the advice of friends, still believe, even if only wishfully, that the common man is capable of freedom.

I also feel that way. That's

I also feel that way. That's why I still support Dr. Paul. But I also heed the words of Thomas Jefferson about the tree of liberty being refreshed from time to time...

I would LOVE this idea,

I would LOVE this idea, except that the GOP is so corrupt that they might actually benefit if Obama won. They are selfish, greedy a-holes whose personal wealth benefits greatly under both increased socialism of the dems and all the personal contributions they receive from hammering away at the dems (as if they would be any different in office).

Same party. It doesn't matter to the GOP who wins, just as long as it's one of the status quo. The teams are fake. Obama is one of them.

oooooo that sounds like a

oooooo that sounds like a threat. I like it. They know it too, so I wonder what their next move is and what they'll try to offer.

Why would GOP leaders care

if we give them Obama? They're on the same side. Ron Paul is their enemy.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

“50,000 for $50 million”

Memo to Republican National Committee: ‘Give Us Ron Paul or We Will Give You Obama’
What can you do with 5 Million voters? Answer: Raise $50 million and decide the election.

10% ( 5 million voters) feels so strongly for Ron Paul they are pledging to ‘STAY HOME’ on election day if the GOP Puts up another big spending war-monger. “Give us Ron Paul”, they say, “or we’ll stay home,…again.”

Can they do that? Yes they can, and they will again. Only 1 out of 100 Ron Paul loyal supporters voted for John McCain on election day, the rest stayed home in 2008.

Today there are roughly 55 million registered Republicans.
There are roughly 72 million Democrats.
And there are roughly 42 million registered independents.
122 million people voted in 2008.

According to Rasmussen, Gallup and others, Ron Paul commands approximately 10% of the republican/independent voters, or over 9.5 million voters strong. Those polls further show that the Congressman has the most loyal and faithful supporters. And they donate. Ron Paul has to date over 100,000 donors, far more than Rick Perry’s 22,000. Indeed, if just 1% Ron Paul’s supporters (50,000) decided to donate just $500 bucks to the RP campaign, a “50,000 for $50 million” money bomb, that would speak thunderous volumes because money talks in politics.

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Your maths needs some work...

500 x 50,000 = 25,000,000

He was excited

He was excited

How cane we do this and plan for all of the angles?

I know some are just venting but we can't threaten or blackmail them. If that were to even get out well enough, it would look so bad on him and we wouldn't want that.

What we could do is a grassroots pledgebomb letter site with vote counts as to how many will write Dr.Paul in. Affirming that our vote is with him and him alone.

That would send a clear message that they can't count on our vote against Obama and why should they get it for any of their candidates. They aren't worth it.

Of course all of this should be thought out but it might be worth it.

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Dear RNC,

If you do not support Ron Paul as the Republican nominee, I will double my efforts to convince people that the ruling class, and especially the RNC, do not care one bit about the troops, and refuse to support them.

The troops overwhelmingly support Ron Paul. Why, RNC, do you hate the troops and actively work against their wishes?

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

why focus on RNC?

Why are people focusing on the RNC changing? They are going to change when we have the delegates to force them to change.

We need DELEGATES. Each of us.