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Memo to Republican National Committee: Give Us Ron Paul or We Will Give You Obama

This thread is up to you to fill in.

What would you say to the Republican National Committee?

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I Want FREEDOM For My Grandchildren

So either Ron Paul gets GOP support..and WINS POTUS or..The Republican Party can die..go straight to hell...go F**K THEMSELVES...Be sure to pick one or all the above.
Anyone but Ron Paul will have most of this nation rioting in the streets.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Anyone else besides Ron is not one nickel different than Obama.

Except for Ron Paul they are all bought and paid for and propped up by the same corporate banking interests.


I'd add Gary Johnson to that

I'd add Gary Johnson to that short list.


I will not vote for Obama. I didn't last election. I voted for Chuck Baldwin. If RP doesn't win then the GOP will definitely not get my vote for President.

You and I voted for Obama

When we voted for Chuck Baldwin
There is no second place.


Did Barry Bush take your state by ONE VOTE?

I did NOT vote FOR Barack Hussein Bush or FOR John Sidney Bush, I voted AGAINST them both.

Each Bush has been worse than the last. Don't vote FOR any of them.

It'll be RON Paul or NON Paul. If it's one of the Non Pauls,it really doesn't matter which.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

All I'm seeing is 4 more

All I'm seeing is 4 more years of losing, economy stagnating, wars escalating and hemmorhoids flaring.


I will vote for RP this election no matter what. I regretted not writing him last election. I will be an election judge to make sure his votes are counted.


I will vote for RP this election no matter what. I regretted not writing him last election. I will be an election judge to make sure his votes are counted.

Ron Paul, or the GOP is toast . . .

Or, as I think of the choice myself:


Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

"Give us Dr. Paul or Your Party Will Die of Old Age." Kapish?

"Give us Dr. Paul or Your Party Will Die of Old Age." Kapish?

Those country club criminals at the RNC are looking to Romney or Perry to keep the warfare/welfare state going, but its not going to address the aging problem of the average party member. ONLY Dr. Paul can bring in a new generation of Republican members and keep the Party of Lincoln alive.

Defying the r3VOLution means they'll be staring into their own coffins.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Thanks. I learned it from a

Thanks. I learned it from a Russian who spelled it out in cyrillic.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

They don't care if Obama is re-elected...they only care about $

The entire primaries is one big fundraising campaign.

Perry about to launch a book? Pump up Perry's numbers.

Cain about to launch a book? Pump up Cain's numbers.

They took turns pumping up names, books, tv shows in 2007/8 primaries too.

We have to hit them where it REALLY HURTS...money.

Right now we are tossing thousands at them via going to their events to vote for Ron Paul. That's why Ron Paul is still around. The SECOND we stop giving money to GOP events will be when they claim Ron Paul is out of the competition.

Heck, the president himself is just a draw to hundreds of fund raising events. They don't do any actual leading. They just tell you what you want to hear and draw people to fund-raisers. They *might* shake hands with other leaders...BFD.

Thus, they want whichever president that will draw the most money...which party he comes from it doesn't matter because THEY OWN BOTH PARTIES.

clarification... If no RP... I no vote.

i don't 'give you obama' or 'will help him win'...

straight up... If Ron Paul is not on the ballot for president, I will not vote.

shouldn't be hard to believe, I didn't vote in the last election for the exact same reason... Obama, McCain, Cain, Romney... garbage.

You can right in Ron when you

You can right in Ron when you vote...

if i did write him in...

it would be garbage... just like McCain, Obama, Cain, Romney etc...

if a write-in candidate wants his votes actually counted, he must register with every county in the state... RP campaign did not do anything like this in 08, instead he endorsed chuck baldwin. so Tennessee would just throw my vote away, literally.
many people seek to liken non-voters to cannibals and go on a witch hunt trying to get us to change our evil ways... I refuse to vote for someone my consious does not agree with.

I vote every time i post a ron paul sign or sticker, every time i comment on the dp, and every time i pass a car on the highway... that is my message, Ron Paul or nothing.

media story about all the votes that can't be counted

Yes, but if there were enough write-ins to cause a media story about all the votes that can not be counted. Then I think it would be worth it. We want to make a point about how strong our support is for Ron Paul. If we do nothing, then we get dismissed.

They are $h!tt!n& kittens cuz we don't like Mittens

Rush Limbaugh was nearly in panic mode today, it was pretty amusing. If I hear one more rant about what a GREAT job he did with the Olympics, I am going to SLC to film the empty, useless venues left behind.

And the pizza boy, what a cute image that is. "FORMER CHAIRMAN OF THE KC FEDERAL RESERVE" they avoid like the plague.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



certainly hasn't rocked the establishment Republicans boat. The only real difference is Fox 'news' bitching about him (to stay in character) rather than cheerleading an establishment crony Republican. If anything, he's one of them. The country is being destroyed right on schedule.

It sounds like the GOP is

It sounds like the GOP is blaming us for putting this wedge between us the the GOP. But THEY ignore our candidate. THEY called us terrorists, nut jobs, paulbots, childish, rowdy, immature, cheaters, liars, and just about everything else under the sun. THEY call our hero, our candidate who is a man of principle, honesty, integrity, intelligence "crazy old Ron" and "wrong Paul". THEY lied and lied and lied about the CPAC convention, the straw polls, the debate polls, his positions, his rhetoric and his philosophy.
Meanwhile THEY keep trying to shove THEIR chosen candidates down our throats who are globalist corporate controlled war mongers who send our kids into wars that have no legitimate value relative to our national security or protection of our liberty. THEY are the ones who keep passing law after law after law that take away more freedoms and threatened us with jail, fines, loss of job, loss of children and loss of property and loss of liberty. THEIR economic philosophy is driving us into debt for the next three generations and it's THEIR chosen candidates who will continue in ALL of the above mentioned abuses.

So I for one am happy and proud to hold the GOP hostage. They WILL NOT get my vote with one of the candidates that they are trying to shove down my throat while THEY ignore THE ONE man who can turn this country back to it's Constitutional foundings and restore our liberties and stop the endless and senseless wars.

you know what I say to THEM? I am more loyal to my country than to ANY party.

(((((((NO ONE BUT PAUL))))))

Very well stated...

... the GOP Politburo's mouthpiece, The Wall Street Journal, still does not mention Ron Paul in its Campaign coverage. Yes, give us Ron Paul, or we'll have Obama for another 4 years.

Plano TX


both parties will agree on one thing, they'd rather have Obama back than see Ron Paul win. That should tell Americans everything they need to know. The politics is a game. They don't want to change it, they just would like to wrestle over who controls the free wheel spending maching. That guarantees re-elections and social engineering, and cronnie contract controls. And who, but Ron Paul, would stop this sickening cycle? That's right, nobody.

alan laney

Or there will be the largest write-in campain in history

The end result might be Obama, but we would probably take some of Obama's votes as well. I think the message needs to get out there that Paul's supporters are unwavering. We simply will not fall inline behind any other candidate as the supporters of the other candidates obviously will.

We should create an official document.

and send it in. I'm voting for Ron Paul even if I hate to write him in.

Might want to clarify that title

Maybe: Give us Ron Paul, or we help re-elect Obama.

"We" are not helping Obama.

The Republican leadership is helping Obama by not recognizing that Paul is the only viable candidate.

Dear RNC

Dear RNC,

In order for Republicans to remain relevant, it is imperative to nominate Congressman Paul to run against Mr. Obama for POTUS in 2012. It truth, this is the ONLY way the Republican party is not destroyed. Let me explain. If Ron Paul is not the nominee, he will likely run as an independent. He is "all-in" and won't be seeking reelection as Congressman. This clears the way for an independent run. He will certainly have the funds. Congressman Paul will get enough votes to ruin the Republican nominee's chance of winning and either he...or Mr. Obama will win. Even if Ron Paul does not run as an independent, a large majority of his supporters will not vote for a status-quo candidate...which clears the way for an Obama reelection. Ron Paul is a thorn in your side and the only way the Republican party remains viable is if Congressman Paul becomes the nominee. He CAN win and he will lead the country in the right direction...toward freedom and liberty!

Clay Anderson

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
- President John F. Kennedy

Guarantee to...

... to incense the GOP Politburo, which is just fine by me. Well done.

Plano TX