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Memo to Republican National Committee: Give Us Ron Paul or We Will Give You Obama

This thread is up to you to fill in.

What would you say to the Republican National Committee?

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You could send this memo...

...to the RNC, but CC to the "supporters" of the other Republican candidates. They are the ones AGAINST Obama more than FOR anyone else.

My vote goes with Paul.

My vote goes with Paul.

I think the problem is that

I think the problem is that most of them would prefer the status quo to RP :(

The People's President
Ron Paul R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution 2012

Rain on the parade

I don't want to rain on the parade here but, I don't really think they care. all those other candidates are the same person as Obama. Dr.Paul is literally the only different one.

Revenge of the Nerds

Our time has come! It's definitely coming down to the Establishment vs. the rest of us. It's a race to get as many people to realize it as possible. They've created the meme of anyone but Obama, shifting all that ails our country to this one guy, who is like Wilma in the Maltese Falcon - the fall guy.

Ron Paul's people ain't going ANYWHERE and the more we get that message out, the stronger it will be, as the sheeple are looking for a strong force to follow. I am DONE voting for Establishment Elites, because with yet another one of those posers in charge, its "Game over man."


It's the Revolution Baby!

The GOP needs to realize that it doesn't matter to mainstream who the nominee is, they'll vote for the Republican against Obama no matter what.

However, it does matter to disenchanted progressives, the antiwar crowd, & Paulers who the nominee is. They will absolutely vote for Ron Paul but not any mainstream GOP candidate.

The GOP has a tough decision to make, to change and win or not to change and loose.

That is the question...

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

Simmer down...

this is a message we save for the RNC. You don't show your Ace in the hole on hand number 1... you wait until it is just right.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul




They would rather have Obama! What makes anyone think that the GOP isn't part of the establishment? I hope I'm wrong because I love your idea...

You're absolutely right

They had a deal with the Democrats going into 2008. That's why they put McCain the corpse up against Barachhio.

And I believe they made an eight year commitment. That's why all of the candidates are so volitile in the polls.

They could have put up some strong Republicans like Christie or DeMint or even some powerful liberal Republicans.

The phrase "Give Us Ron Paul or We Give You Obama" is more for public consumption and news cycle headlines.

The phrase "Give Us Ron Paul

The phrase "Give Us Ron Paul or We Give You Obama" is more for public consumption and news cycle headlines.

Not to mention it's a toxic PR disaster for us. Who honestly thinks that this is going to go over well with the base (that is to say, the rank and file members, NOT the party establishment)?

They will see this as confirmation of their suspicions that RP supporters aren't really "Republican". If you haven't been paying attention, our movement is already villified enough. They WANT us to pull a stunt like this so they have another excuse to discredit us.

Yes, the more Paul's support grows, the more likely it is that he can be kingmaker. But we all know he's likely not going to endorse anyone (as he did last time), which will still effectively tilt the scales in favor of Obama. Now, no one is going around openly touting that as fact but when you look at what he did in 2008, it's not too much of a stretch.

We don't need to be blackmailing people we're trying to convert.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

It sounds like the GOP is

It sounds like the GOP is blaming us for putting this wedge between us the the GOP. But THEY ignore our candidate. THEY called us terrorists, nut jobs, paulbots, childish, rowdy, immature, cheaters, liars, and just about everything else under the sun. THEY call our hero, our candidate who is a man of principle, honesty, integrity, intelligence "crazy old Ron" and "wrong Paul". THEY lied and lied and lied about the CPAC convention, the straw polls, the debate polls, his positions, his rhetoric and his philosophy.
Meanwhile THEY keep trying to shove THEIR chosen candidates down our throats who are globalist corporate controlled war mongers who send our kids into wars that have no legitimate value relative to our national security or protection of our liberty. THEY are the ones who keep passing law after law after law that take away more freedoms and threatened us with jail, fines, loss of job, loss of children and loss of property and loss of liberty. THEIR economic philosophy is driving us into debt for the next three generations and it's THEIR chosen candidates who will continue in ALL of the above mentioned abuses.

So I for one am happy and proud to hold the GOP hostage. They WILL NOT get my vote with one of the candidates that they are trying to shove down my throat while THEY ignore THE ONE man who can turn this country back to it's Constitutional foundings and restore our liberties and stop the endless and senseless wars.

you know what I say to THEM? I am more loyal to my country than to ANY party.

(((((((NO ONE BUT PAUL))))))


I have to agree with you and

I have to agree with you and it makes me sick even as I say it..

The Only Republican

The only Republican I have ever voted for was Ron Paul in the publicly funded popularity poll California calls a primary.

I then promptly went back to being registered as a Libertarian in time to nominate a libertarian candidate.

Voters have options. They don't have to support the status quo.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Totally agree! I cannot

Totally agree! I cannot imagine even a superficial difference between a Hilary Clinton presidency and a Mike Huckabee presidency; a Barack Obama or a Sarah Palin or a George W. Bush, it would be exactly the same. They are ALL big government socialists to one extent or other and every single policy they would advancwe would result in the loss of more and more freedoms. Ron Paul or Status Quo!

Wonderfully stated!

I've been saying this since Dr. Paul got in.

He IS the only republican I will vote for - except possibly Gary Johnson.

And Ron Paul has a better chance of nomination.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

"Give Us Ron Paul or We Will Give You Obama"

Right on.

"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

"Well, you know it's like I always say 'it ain't government work if you don't have to do it twice.'" - Jerry Gergich

Give us Ron Paul or you will get Obama

would be a more accurate title. I know of no Ron Paul supporter that supports Obama.

I don't know the best way to word it,

but that is what the stakes are.

Because the RP supporters are not interested in any of these other GOP candidates, and will vote 3rd Party if RP is not nominated.
So, they can hear it any way they want to hear it, but that's what's going down.

Personally, I think the GOP is fine with Obama, as long as he keeps killing people. The Neocon GOP is not really fiscally conservative anyway, so they don't care about massive spending as long as they can kill people for Israel.

So I believe that the GOP would rather see Obama get a 2nd term than to have RP in there. And I don't think they are hiding that very well either.

Going Third Party is a mistake

Ron Paul supporters need to understand, the GOP is a shell for RINOs, who know MSM makes it a party NO ONE would want to join (duh). We need to OCCUPY the GOP.

As a former Nader volunteer, I have gone with thousands of folks, and worked in my state and in other states, fighting for ballot access for an Independent candidate. It took seven third parties to get on 48 state ballots in 1996. We earned 22 law suits in 17 states, and you can not ever get on the OK ballot. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN as a third party, and Ron Paul's ideas need to WIN, so it's time to get REAL and join the GOP to be the small government we want to have.

It shouldn't matter to them

It shouldn't matter to them anyway since we're all just a bunch of techno savvy kids voting 1,000 times each in every poll. To them IF they choose to take this bet, we and our candidate are inconsequential. Well, let's see how they fair without us. I for one WILL NOT vote for ANY of the candidates if they get the Republican nomination EXCEPT for RON PAUL. To me it doesn't matter since I disagree with them on EVERY issue from foreign policy to the economy to individual liberty to the war on drugs to international trade agreements and our membership in the UN. But most of all I totally disagree with them on the issue of the Federal Reserve. There is ONLY ONE candidate who stands apart from the rest of them and it is he whom I totally agree with. So what will it profit me if I support their candidate but violate my own convictions, standards and conscience? How could I possibly look at myself in the mirror the rest of my life if I voted to sell out not only my own conscience but my country as well?
Their foreign policy is that of the new conservative and old Democrats. Their economic policy is that of the new conservative and old Democrat. So is just about every other position but Ron Paul and me are like the old style conservatives and the founding fathers.
The founders didn't care who might win all they knew was give me liberty or give me death.

you are exactly right

The people behind the curtain do not care who the president is as long as it is not Ron Paul.

And personaly I don't care who the president is

if it is not Ron Paul. Obama or any of the others are all the same

I don't think it should be

I don't think it should be worded this way. I would, however, point out that the unfair treatment of Ron Paul is likely to cause Ron Paul supporters not to support the republican nominee IF it is not Ron Paul.