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Christie endorses Romney

google it, its official.....i will never vote for him for my governor ever again

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RINOs endorsing RINOs


Koch brothers?

Behind Romney? Probably Christie too.



He wasn't conservative to begin with. A few cool vids on him attacking teacher unions were cool but now we know who this fool is.

Stupid move by Christie

He should have waited until at least next Spring to announce support for anyone.


It's all a part of

their big party politics. Probably a VP spot in the making. These guys have no moral compass. They'll say and do anything to advance. They care so little for the Country it's disgusting.

alan laney

RINO endorses RINO

No surprise there... RINO is as RINO does.

I thought you would've said

I thought you would've said 'Rhino' supports RINO. LOL.

Good one..lol

Good one..lol