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#OccupyDC Storms the Senate, chanting "End War Now!"


You ARE the 99% whether you like it or not. You can find like-minded people, you can find people who don't agree with you on anything. You are still part of the whole.

My 1 question litmus test, in case you are not sure if you are in the 1% or not. Tax money is collected. Is it taken FROM you? You are the 99%. Or, does the tax money that has been collected get brought TO you? You are the 1%. Now, the nature of being part of the 99% is that it includes EVERYBODY else, and they probably don't agree on much of anything. But they seem to be coming together on topics like fiat currency and ending the war. You don't feel the need to be counted, then don't do anything. But for your own sanity, stop pretending you are NOT part of the 99% of humanity that is getting screwed by the other 1%.