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Occupy Boise interview: "End the Fed, stop the wars."

Misquoting myself for brevity's sake. The people who were freely doing interviews with me as a youtuber (they are still uploading) were reluctant to speak to the MSM, so I wound up wearing a mic and getting my 2 cents worth in. I left my own camera running, and my memory card got full before I got to the part where I told what went on in the GOP State Central Committee. I doubt that footage will ever see the light of day, but I tried. And, at least this much is "out there" now.
A comment on another thread, ironically enough, complained that these 2 messages were absent from OWS. So, I repeat, why aren't you there bringing your message?

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Silly me, I thought those were important issues in RP's crowd.

You want him elected? You need votes from the people you THINK are "on the left."
Or you can hang out here and preach to the choir, it takes a lot less effort.
The "OWS = anti-American" thread goes on and on, but I can't get any support for getting out there with the message I learned HERE. I am very sad for those of you who do not understand what is happening, it really is amazing.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: