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Here we go again

The feds are once again taking credit for having foiled a terror plot in which the plotters just happened to seek help from a government informant.

In case you haven't read this report at Mother Jones, it explains how the FBI itself originated almost every terror plot it claims to have "prevented" since 9/11. FBI informants seek out dupes, coax them into doing something bad, provide them with the necessary equipment, and then set them up to be arrested.

This method has probably resulted in Americans being put in unnecessary danger, such as when the underwear bomber was seen by passengers being escorted onto his flight by a man in a suit, despite not having a passport.

The Obama administration is pinning the blame for this latest plot on the bogeyman du jour, Iran. Read the comments under the story and you'll see how mindless and trusting are your fellow Americans. "The government says this happened, therefore it is true. Bomb Iran!"

This is the setup for war. It will start with sanctions. People like Ron Paul, who oppose war with Iran, will be shouted down. "Are you going to let Iran get away with terrorism against America?"

I can't believe how gullible most people are.