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Audio: Hannity complains to Rand Paul that Ron Paul has been attacking him and won't come on the show

I have no idea what Hannity is referring to, does anyone else know? Rand also comments on the OWS movement in the interview.

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What is wrong with Ron/Rand telling Hannity that we know

he's just part of GOP propaganda...and a tool...and has been particularly nasty to Ron.

That's why Ron stays away from his show.

The last interview that Ron did with Hannity, you could see the disdain on Ron's face. Ron absolutely doesn't trust Hannity and just can't stomach him anymore.

And frankly, Hannity knows this, but acts like Paul doesn't have a valid reason to stay away from Hannity.

I think Ron doesn't want to hold back anymore.

Rand handled this well. He

Rand handled this well. He has seen his father's opposition over all these years and he's learned how to react to it.

So does anyone know what the heck

Hannity is talking about here? I want to see this quote, lol.

Hannity, that infantile neocon swiiiiiiinnnnne??!?!?!?

I was listening to this on the way home from work. I got so angry from Hannity's infantile, baby whining and moaning, I wanted to stop the car and tear the radio right out of the dashboard!!

Rand handled Hannity well enough. They are friends and they always have a good dialogue. Rand is diplomatic enough to know that his father drives Sean bananas and tries to steer away from the topic.

But in this dialogue, Hannity complained TWICE, and whined so effeminately that I could hear Rand's discomfiture when he had to say something.

If Rand didn't value Hannity as an outlet to the Tea Party, I reckon he would have told Sean to grow the freak up!

As to the incident where Dr. Paul denounced him, Rush, and other so-called conservative talk show hosts, only Sean knows where that happened.

One thing is certain: Dr. Paul does not want to have to endure Hannity's babyish high-pitched whining and moaning, AND THAT'S WHY HE DOESN'T RETURN SEAN'S PHONE CALLS!

Perhaps Rand cna engineer some sort of cease-fire between the two some day. But that day is pretty far off, and illustrated by Sean's question to Rand:

"so, are you gonna support the nominee? [since I'll make sure its not your father]?"

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Hannity is whining about Ron Paul often now

Ron Paul must be winning and Hannity is disappointed he can't get him on his show to try to marginalize him.


I needed that. Thanks.

I can't even listen to this.

That's how weak I am. The title alone does it.

I believe Rand handled this

I believe Rand handled this properly, he needs to get the facts before he makes a bold statement. Do any of you have first hand info that Ron or most probably Jesse Benton hasn't declined interviews being offered?

Jesse has been accused of this many times this election as well as last election of declining interviews, Ron and Rand may no nothing about this at all.


lol @ the title - listening... LOL... just listening now - it's kinda funny.


and I listened to Shamity on Monday...specifically to hear if he would mention Ron's win over the weekend at the value voters conference. And just as I expected, Shamity didn't say a single word about it throuhout the entire program. Did it slip his mind? Was it an item of non-importance?

I gurantee that if Cain or Sanitorium would have won...Shamity would have led off the show with the great victory at this important event by ______________ (fill in the neoCon of choice)

So FU Shamity! I wouldn't go on your propaganda laiden horrible show either.

Well this surprises me. I've

Well this surprises me. I've been giving Hannity a pass since he's been friendly towards Rand, and since he's laid off Ron. As far as I know, Sean, if Ron Paul hasn't acknowledged that idiot Mark Levin, what makes you think he'd attack you?

Why should Ron help your ratings Hannity?

You don't help his!

RIGHT ON, xxeagle..he has

RIGHT ON, xxeagle..he has marginalized Ron OVER and over. When talking to Rand or someone who likes Ron he acts like he has just been so nice to Ron, and he has been horrible. He is a liar and a jerk. Ron dislikes being on any MSM show when they constantly marginalize him most of the time.

Rand, the proper answer would

Rand, the proper answer would have been, "Well, I don't want to speak for my father. He's a big boy, he can make his own decisions. Furthermore, I don't know what you're talking about Hannity, you are making some accusations there that I don't know are true or not. Quite frankly Hannnity, I don't appreciate your talking about my father like that when he's not present to defend himself..."

"Now Hannity, what would you like to talk about and let's not have a temper tantrum about my father who is extremely busy trying to save this country."

How can Rand let Hannity talk about his father that way?

That infuriated me. Hannity trashes Ron, and Rand just says "Wellll, yeah, you're right..I need to talk to him about that."

Geeeshh, C'mon Rand! It's one thing to play at being easy going to win political allies, but it's another to be Hannity's lackey, especially when he is disrespecting your own father.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

My question exactly

Especially when Hannity said that your father "chickens out", I would not have stayed as cool about that as Rand did. Does anyone know what Hannity was talking about?

Rand is more strategic than emotional.

I know what you mean though, my immediate reaction is always, "why didn't Rand stand up for him!"

But then when I listen again, and consider what I know about Rand Paul, I come to only one conclusion; he's outfoxing Fox.