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A painting I did for our local Ron Paul Grassroots Headquarters

Here is a painting I did to replace the existing floor emblem (was a western wear retailer) of our soon to open Ron Paul Grassroots HQ in Norman,OK. The space is in a prime spot amongst galleries and nightlife and within 1 mile of The Univ. Of Oklahoma.
We will do a full write-up when we are ready to have the grand opening.

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Nice!!! You did a great job! It's awesome that you have that

beautiful Ron Paul HQ in Norman - sounds like a fantastic location too. Have great success there and please keep us posted!


nice job!

go Norman, OK!

That would make a great

That would make a great button. or sticker.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

it is a button

one of the adverts on this site. ronpaulswag.com? or the other one

Wow, that's beautiful...I

Wow, that's beautiful...I want one! (really, I do.)

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

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Looks great! I hope we can dot this country

with wonderful grassroots spaces to work together to educate all Americans about peace and freedom.

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Hear hear!!



That is

Awesome looking.

looks great!

Makes me wish I could go back and celebrate with you.

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The colors are really pleasing

I give you credit for painting over a poor skip plaster job on the wall.

It looks great on the wall and on the floor. The room is really comfortable, and I pray there are many happy times there, including the celebration of the next president of the USA, Ron Paul.

Not too bad

Not too bad


Your a good painter
How long did it take you

no smudges, going outside of outlines even with delimiters is not a one hour job

Great Job!
I wish they had thumbs up smileys

thanks, I would say 2 hours.

thanks, I would say 2 hours. The whole thing is double coated.
Ive been "duplicating large scale images" for years. I've got the experience.

very nice

great job!

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