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Occupy Yourself: How To Fight Corporatism

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Every OWS article makes me appreciate the oligarchy more

"You are the 1% to the rest of the world."

Not quite.

The oligarchy created a civilization of such luxury and freedom that I could thrive and become part of the 1% of the world.

Occupy Oregon Housing Homeless


This is pretty awesome! Exactly what I was talking about in this post.

Jack Wagner

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The young people are being confronted with

the downside of our currently corrupted culture, and to the upside of their own strength to deal with major issues cooperatively, non-coercively, locally. Very interesting little cultural petri dishes in each OWS location.

encouraging & human empathy.

"Occupy" camps provide food, shelter for homeless.

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Beautiful post.

Thank so much.

Excellent post.

I love it. To borrow a quote from the 60's, "Right on!"


a "Royal Trick".

"occupy yourself" in easy to understand terms, enjoy -
Jubilee NOW! #OWS - You Need A Demand? I Gotcha Covered...

covers a lot of ground, = land, silver, royal trick, etc.

The Jubilee is Legit

I found a few videos on the concept a while ago. It is a great concept to examine.

Jack Wagner

Surely, "Jubilee".

thank you for your attention and response. Surely, Jubilee is Legit, it is Biblical and humane, and is the need of human society. Please post the links of the videos you found in a new "reply". I will see the last one you posted above.