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0-0-0. Ron Paul One-Ups Herman Cain's 9-9-9.

Ron Paul needs to call Herman Cain to the table by one-uping his 9-9-9 with a 0-0-0 plan. "Your banker buddies won't back that, now will they." Of course Cain's buddies at the FED back 9-9-9, three taxes into their pockets.

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Ron Paul's 0-0-0 Plan

Zero Federal Income Tax
Zero Wars
Zero Federal Reserve

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it's very hard for me to understand their thinking, but so many ( maybe even the majority ) of americans think high taxes is a good thing. to my thinking, they are complete idiots, but big government is their religion. they worship government as the answer to everything. to the same extend we cherish liberty, they cherish the nanny state, and all it's "programs". establishment republicans say they are for small government and low taxes, but even when republicans control congress spending never gets cut. america may not be ready for the 0-0-0 tax now, but that should always be our goal.


I always find myself

I always find myself SCREAMING at the TV for Paul to talk about taxes. The fed is important, but for crying out loud, everyone knows where he stands with the FED. They laugh when the mod asks "where do you stand on the FED" because it is common knowledge. What most people don't know, and would be music to their ears, is Paul would work to get rid of ALL TAXES. If you bring spending levels back to 2000 we could get rid of the entire tax code and still balance the budget. Come on Paul, come out with your own plan!

A plan is what we need.

A plan is what we need.