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Time For A Ron Paul Third Party Revolution!

We the people are irrelevant. The establishment is poised again to "create" the new Republican nominee woven out of media spin and will succeed. Ron Paul will be marginalized no matter how well he does in straw polls or any of the other manipulated national polls.

Peace, freedom and prosperity are not the goals of the current establishment, quite to the contrary. Continuous war, enslavement through taxation, brainwashing the masses into thinking this impossible debt is ours and our children's to repay. We as the American people have strayed so far from the freedom granted to us under the constitution that we are lost without a navigational compass. How did this happen?

Complacency and many years of watching the Main Stream Media's spin manipulating everything we think including mindless entertainment...gradually descending into the murky abyss of a disconnected reality of a serfdom way of life. It is no wonder why the next President of the United States will be determined for us, just like all the other presidents in the last 60 years out side of a few.

The "Spin" is overbearing and the masses have no shield of protection; except the few who have taken the "Red Pill" and embarked on the long journey down the rabbit hole. The numbers are growing and I say it is time to stand together while we have this rare opportunity and encourage Ron Paul to start thinking of A THIRD PARTY RUN!

We can never beat the forces that are in play unless we dilute the vote away from the establishment's pick. Look at what these debates are all about. They marginalize Ron Paul to the point of him being a ghost in the room, hijacking his long standing positions as suddenly their own and getting praise from the media as such.

I say fight fire with fire...bring the Republican Party to it's knees by standing independent along with millions of disfranchised people who feel the same as the Ron Paul supporters. This can be the answer...Republicans,Democrats, independents, non voters because of disgust, all those tired of the merged two party system and everyone that is anti-war , etc. Obama has given us a golden opportunity because of the transparency of his lies, the contrast between Bush and Obama is no longer...they are one and the same.

Third Party is the only solution. Ron Paul would dilute both parties vote, drawing up to 40 percent...Crushing Both Republicans and Democrats.

Ron Paul Third Party 2012..........

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You might want to search this site for the extensive previous threads on this subject. Some of us are tired of repeating ourselves.

Although, as last time, I'll bet the LP would be glad to have him.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Thank you for the welcome

I am well aware of the difficulties of third party runs. Ross Perot was the only campaign that came close, I believe 19%. This was because he financed his own campaign. The difficulties are not the same for Ron Paul this time around. His grass roots are too strong and his financial support surpasses even Perot's. The internet has changed the dynamics of the game. In the past it was almost impossible, today the support has exceeded expectations and for the first time in recent history it is not only a reality to establish a strong third party campaign it is possible to win. Ron Paul has stated many times that he is not interested in a third party run but on occasion, he left that door open. So if the message is repetitive it is because I believe some important factors are being overlooked.


no 3rd party

Without complete ballot access in every state, national 3rd party is a battle for those who want to lose. After decades of work, even the Libertarian party does not have ballot access in all states.

Mr James.Tiscione wrote, The establishment is poised again to "create" the new Republican nominee woven out of ...

Actually, the nominee is woven from delegates. Get your spot in the pool of delegates from your state to make it happen. This is possible if you learn the GOP rules in your state and get busy recruiting support for yourself to become a delegate.

Delegates are just people who are motivated. Get motivated and become a delegate.


I know the system very well.

"the nominee is woven from delegates"

please do not patronize.


For the millionth time...

Ron isn't going to do that. Sorry if this is the first time you've heard that. Ron knows that any party other than the protected big two are marginalized to the point of irrelevance by unfair election biases crafted by Republicans and Democrats.