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When the fox administers justice the chickens will always be found guilty

Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you -- Benjamin Franklin

Above quote from one of the founders of the Republic should be taken to heart by everyone.
We can't afford to "make ourselves sheep" by giving up - for instance as one member here said "I will no longer donate based on this lost debate".
This debate angers me as well as anyone(RP's limited time...) but at the same time prods me forward to work harder to help elect the good doctor to the highest office in the land of the brave and free.

What could we have expected of such a debate?

How many times George Carlin and many others told us the MSM is controlled machine full of lies destortions and censorship?

How could we have trusted this machine to give Ron Paul the winner of recent Values Voters Straw Poll an equal fair share of the debate time?

When the fox(Big Brother)administers justice(during debate)the chickens(We The People)will always be found guilty.

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Yes, I hear you. Sad..he wins

Yes, I hear you. Sad..he wins polls just like Cain. I do not get the bias..sigh.

will the media bias change...

after Ron Paul wins the Iowa caucus?

We need to get dems independents anti-war folks Kucinich and Nader fans in Iowa to vote Ron Paul.