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Why Did Herman Cain Lie?

More lies from the Herman Cain

At 8:18 in this video, Mr. Cain says:

"I was a high school student. The college students were doing the sit ins, the college students were doing the freedom rides. If I had been a college student I probably would have been participating, but if you are a High School student in the tenth or eleventh grade, you're under eighteen years of age, you didn't need to get arrested and be in the middle of that."

That seemed reasonable to me.

Except he wasn't in high school during those most turbulent years. And it wasn't a movement in some far away city.

Turns out he went to college in Atlanta Georgia from 1963-1967, during the Birmingham Campaign, The March on Washington, the Freedom Summer in Mississippi, Selma Alabama's voting rights battles and other pivotal moments in the civil rights movement.

It doesn't bother me that that he didn't participate. Not everyone is an activist. In fact, most people don't participate in protests. I understand that not everyone is willing to get beat up or arrested for a cause. What bothers me is that he flat out lied about this......


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