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Stats for Bloomberg Debate: Dr. Paul robbed again.

Out with the old and in with the...old? Back by popular demand, Mitt Romney was the man of the hour, nearly doubling the talking time of the nearest candidate Rick Perry. Speaking for 16:10 (mm:ss), Mitt Romney's face-time took up over 25% of the total time given to candidates for talking. Rick Perry, with 8:49 (and still good enough for 2nd most spoken), has truly fallen from grace when no one is taking shots at him anymore, 0 responses, as opposed to the 4 responses from the last debate with Fox. Also, he's not garnering the most opportunities to speak, 11, though still getting better treatment than some such as Ron Paul, who only had 5 turns talking, 1 of which he self-created.

In terms of polling, Romney, Cain, Perry and Paul are the only consistent candidates polling in double digits, with Perry quickly spiraling down in recent polls. However, rather than letting Ron Paul speak the philosophy that's garnered such a huge following, there were two entire segments where he did not speak at all, waiting 26 minutes and 30 seconds between turns talking. I guess the economy isn't the only sector living in a bubble.

Here are the Debate Statistics:

Total Talk
Romney 0:16:10
Perry 0:08:49
Bachmann 0:08:17
Cain 0:07:36
Gingrich 0:06:19
Huntsman 0:05:47
Ron Paul 0:05:13
Santorum 0:04:53
Total 1:03:04
*Note: This is uninterrupted talking time, except for audience cheer/applause in the middle of a response as this goes against their official response time. Does not include moderators' time for questions/interactions.

Total Talk %
Romney 25.63%
Perry 13.98%
Bachmann 13.13%
Cain 12.05%
Gingrich 10.02%
Huntsman 9.17%
Ron Paul 8.27%
Santorum 7.74%
Total 100.00%

Turns Talking
Romney 18
Cain 14
Perry 11
Bachmann 8
Huntsman 8
Gingrich 6
Ron Paul 5
Santorum 5
Total 75

Avg b/w Talks
Santorum 0:14:48
Huntsman 0:11:48
Ron Paul 0:11:38
Gingrich 0:09:26
Bachmann 0:07:39
Perry 0:06:15
Cain 0:05:23
Romney 0:04:47

Longest Wait b/w Turns
Santorum 0:24:28
Huntsman 0:25:52
Ron Paul 0:26:30
Gingrich 0:29:02
Bachmann 0:13:44
Perry 0:20:06
Cain 0:15:35
Romney 0:14:43

Full Writeup & Statistics:

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