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Washington Post article says Cain's answer on Federal Reserve was "disingenuous at best"


When the candidates were invited to ask each other questions in Tuesday night’s debate, most focused their fire on the front-runner, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. But Texas Rep. Ron Paul targeted Herman Cain - and caught the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO being disingenous at best.


While he didn’t use the word "ignorant" or specifically reference Paul, Cain pretty clearly did oppose a Fed audit at the time and dismiss those who supported one.

Entire article here:

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This is a good article.

Needs a few more views. Cain got called out and Paul vindicated, by the Washington Post of all places.

inch by inch...

Ron Paul 2012!


inches... now I got to post this.


What was the video? Its gone

What was the video? Its gone now

Good find

This is getting some excellent press coverage. This debate may well turn out to be much more significant than we initially thought.

True, that. I just knew Ron

True, that. I just knew Ron would ask Cain a question.and I am glad I was right..:) May as well get it out that he was in charge of a Federal reserve bank. There is just NO one like Ron.