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Will Bachmann Be The Next To Drop Out?

I was considering this question during and after tonight's debate, and I really believe that Bachmann will be the next candidate to drop out.

She was nodding in agreement with Dr. Paul more than once during the debate, and has expressed her admiration for him several times over the last couple of years. If she drops out, do you think she'll endorse Ron Paul? If so, will this directly affect the polling numbers, maybe take him to 20%? If not, why not?

In my opinion, it's time for Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman, and Bachmann to drop out completely. I want to see Ron go head to head with Perry, Romney and Cain! They won't stand a chance!

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No! That IRS whore's speaking fees aren't high enough yet!

No! That IRS whore's speaking fees aren't high enough yet! Right nowe she can get $12,000 a speech. She won't quit till its $35,000.

And didn't someone suggest the same thing about Cain a couple of weeks back when he was at 4%?

Today, FOX says "Is Gingrich the next to benefit from a bump?" suggesting Cain is the next flavour of the month to be dropped, along with Perry.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Things can and will change and Paul may be able ...

to capture the hearts of the American people on his own.

I have learned never to underestimate this man.

But ...

As it stands right now, Paul will need a boost and an endorsement by Bachman and Palin has the potential to really shake this race up.

You are right in your

You are right in your analysis I must disappoint you. But do not forget one thing! The reason Ron Paul is preaching to the choir is that every american is his choir! And above that, look at the size of his rallies! Of course you will not see 100% Romney supporter at Pauls rallies. Of course you will not see those that really don't care.
But, you will see more and more people coming to the campaign. Look forward to the two big events next week with the Youth for Paul movement. Look at the financial numbers that are way up compared to 2007. Look at the more than 15.000 people that are going to donate in 7 days to the campaign. Look at how hard people are trying to ignore Ron Paul.
Do not think for one second Ron Paul is not heard. He is heard. By everyone. And the reason he is ignored is because he rings true. That is dangerous to the status quo. The more he is ignored the more people will be disenchanted with the mainstream of everything. Be it politics or media.
You can do your best talking to people, give them food for thought. That will do much more than anything else. I wish you well and good luck!

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Someone mentioned earlier

that Romney said he'd take Bachmann as his VP, as if to say "endorse me", so who knows. I didn't see most of the debate so just to clarify, I didn't hear him actually say that.

I know she has had some kind words for Dr. Paul, but I don't see an endorsement happening, sadly. Part of me thinks she only attacked Perry to appear favorable to Romney (and by extension, his supporters...whoever they are).

Romney has always been a last resort for TPTB, IMO. He's not exactly "one of them" but he's willing to play ball. They (and he) know he's almost universally hated outside of New England, but if forced, guaranteed about 70% of the neocons would pick Romney over Paul.

Who knows though, maybe Bachmann really IS fed up with the establishment in general, and her endorsing Dr. Paul would be a nice "eff you" to them on her way out. Again, I don't really see it happening, but it'd be nice.

Santorum is only there to nip at Dr. Paul's ankles. He may be polling slightly better than in months before, but he's still in the bottom 3 in nearly every poll. Even many Republicans see him as being too "hard right".

Newt knows he's not going anywhere, he's just there for self-promotion.

Huntsman...why is he running, again?

Bachmann will probably be the next to go, followed by Huntsman. The other dominoes will fall soon enough.

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I actually find Huntsman to

I actually find Huntsman to be the most sympathetic "establishment" candidate running, and if he were willing to repent on some of his previous positions, he might be a good cabinet pick for Paul's future administration.

He's already said that he's at least open to the idea of withdrawing troops, not to the extent that Paul would, obviously, but if his positions are good enough to come under attack by Santorum, then they're good enough for me to give them a second look.

Granted, this is still a big if.

On Romney, I agree with him not being the establishment's ideal guy at all, but he's still going to be one of the last two standing, no matter what happens.

Like Paul, he's already got a solid base, because the Republicans that support him are already aware of his unsavory record, yet they support him anyway. But most of them are purely sticking with him out of the issue of electability.

So far, that base has topped out at near 25%. That's still not going to be enough to get him the nomination.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

The thing with Huntsman

it's really a personality issue with me more than anything, to be honest. He just comes off as such a snob (like Romney), and his "the GOP is anti-science because they don't believe in AGW" spiel is annoying, to say the least.

Like you said, IF he were to do a 180 on several of his positions and denounce some of his past work, then I wouldn't have much of an issue with the guy...but I could say that for just about anybody.

Yeah, Romney does have a strong built-in base, especially in NH (and supposedly MA as well, though I've NEVER met a Romney supporter), but he'd never win over the midwest and south. At best, the neo and tea-o-cons would "hold their nose", so to speak. I know he's popular with Independents because he's seen as being moderate though, but Dr. Paul does fairly well in that area as well (I usually try to work on the Dems and Indys).

As far as the Republicans who already support him, it HAS to be the hair. There's just no other logical explanation! ;D

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Don't get me wrong. A

Don't get me wrong. A repented neocon is welcomed by me just as much as an ex-socialist or anyone like that. My point is, and I guess is this is just where we have a difference of opinion, is I think I can understand more where Huntsman's coming from, plus his roots and foreign policy experience would be especially compelling to our movement moreso I think than any of the other candidates except for Romney or Cain, of course.

And "hold their nose" is just what midwest and southern Republicans are used to doing, and if it came down to it, they would probably do it again. Probably not to the great extent they've done it before, and from there it becomes a turnout issue, but I think to write Romney off too easily is dangerous.

We've merely got to focus on branding Paul's message these last 2 months and honing our rhetoric. If we can do that, we can definitely capitalize on Cain's coming collapse and any subsequent withdrawals a la Bachmann, Huntsman, etc.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater


I agree she's definitely the next to go, probably followed by Santorum. I just don't understand how she could in good conscience throw her endorsement to Romney, but you're probably right. She, like many others, says 'nice' things about Dr. Paul, but probably won't have the guts and moral fortitude to get behind him in the race.


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Santorum's a gadfly, but a

Santorum's a gadfly, but a "surging" one if you believe certain polls. He's got the least cash on hand of any candidates running, IIRC, and the greatest debt. That being said, he's a persistent SOB as well, and I heavily doubt he's going to drop out before Super Tuesday if he can help it.

If he gets destroyed in IA, SC, and FL before then, sure. But until then, I'd say that the next person voted off the island will probably be Huntsman.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

I hate to say this but...

Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman all did much better in this so called debate than Ron Paul. I am so discouraged right now and am trying really hard to get some optimism back. Maybe it is early and I am being a pessimist but Ron really has to start being more vocal in these damn controlled sessions. I really want him to win the nomination and the general election, but I do have to wonder if he wants that.
This is our last chance. If he drops out again like he did in 2008 I will be so angry.
Will someone give me a pep talk please?!?
I see him on the campaign trail and it seems like he is preaching to the choir. We do a lot of that here and it is good for getting people energized. I just want to see him become more of a take charge person.
If he can't take control of a faux debate, people have to wonder how in the world he could run the country.

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I understand where you are

I understand where you are coming from. I have been criticized for expressing my dismay in Paul's recent string of poor debate performances over the last month and a half, so hopefully the same won't happen to you.

My biggest gripe isn't that Paul isn't speaking out enough and demanding his fair share. Actually, I think that can backfire very easily. Look at Gingrich, Bachmann, and Santorum. Whenever they do it, it comes across as pathetic and they have to attack another candidate just so they can get some rebuttal time. That, at least to me, is truly unbecoming of a future president.

But what I do take issue with is Paul going off on tangents that are much too difficult for his prospective audience to follow along with. If he can just make the best use of the time he's given, I think that this, in concert with his natural stoicism and statesman-like qualities, would very quickly net him more support.

Specifically, the biggest problem isn't just that he rambles; rambling can actually be an intentional debate strategy if used effectively.

But when you're pressed for time (as he often is) and you REPEAT the same argument over and over again, run over your maximum allotted time, etc. etc., that DOES sour people's perceptions of you.

We have to understand that the mainstream electorate is not like us at all. Paul has probably converted all the people he could have converted with his current rhetoric by now. In other words, the people who actually research the candidates already know where he stands.

But these people are not the majority. As much as it angers people to suggest this, Paul's charisma is simply non-existent. Most people around here claim Paul IS charismatic because he eschews traditional political pandering strategies and instead exudes a more raw authenticity.

But ask yourself this: would you apply this same standard of charisma to any other candidate? Of course not. It is not OUR definition of charisma and appeal we should be concerned about.

The campaign really needs to work with him on honing his debate strategy and speaking to the camera. Even a modest improvement should translate to greater success in the polls.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

I disagree

I disagree regarding Santorum and Huntsman, although Gingrich did a good job of taking control (and stealing some of RP's fire). Don't let yourself become so discouraged. We have not yet begun to fight! RP called out Cain on the Fed --- that was an awesome (and strategic) move! It's early, and you are being a pessimist, but not to worry... I had some of the same feelings in 2007-2008. My point in my post was that with the others out of the way, there would hopefully be more relevant questions thrown to the good Dr.

And, although many on the DP disagree with me on this, I believe Dr. Paul, if not nominated by the GOP, will dump the Repubs altogether and run as an Independent.

Anyway, watch what happens next week with the 'Black THIS Out' moneybomb... this is going to be 'the event' that will give the campaign a ton of momentum and resources to begin to 'take charge' and win this thing!


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Rick Perry is totally finished because he was tactically exposed in prior debates by Dr. Paul ... he did the same thing to Herman Cain in this debate. Ron is whip smart and cool as the morning dew with a political record of stainless steel so while the other candidates try to cherry pick his platform he stay's calmly on message while exposing what empty suits his opponents are ... it is working very well right now!