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Meet Rich Lowrie, Herman Cain's Mystery Economic Adviser, a Romney Supporter

Every wonder why Cain and Romney are so friendly with each other? You can probably expect mutual endorsements.

Lowrie, who has affiliations with the American Conservative Union and Americans for Prosperity, was a donor to Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign efforts, but has since drunk the pizza-sauce-flavored Kool-Aid - excuse me, the "pure rocket fuel" - of Cain's economic policies. Of course, as an employee of a division of Wells Fargo, a firm that received $25 billion in TARP funds, Lowrie may not be the best spokesman for Cain's free-market oriented policies. There's another lesson Cain learned in the chain pizza biz: don't let the diners get a close look at the sous-chefs.


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When one candidate is selected, where do the others'

contributions go?

In the candidates' pockets?

Most Are in Debt

Most candidates must go around begging for money to pay off their campaign debts long after they've dropped out.

There are a limited number of things they can do with the money, if any, including, I believe, donate it to another candidate or to a charity. You'd have to check campaign finance laws (federal, state, or local, as applicable).

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I look for a tag team effort with Romney/Cain

That's about the only chance the GOP sees for itself. Cain will help attract black voters away from Obama, and Mitt can get all the greasy inside Washington help he needs, because they see this is a do or die effort to keep Ron Paul out. But what they may not be able to control is people waking up to this same old Bullcrap politics and turning their noses up at the status quo. Romney and Cain will join hands in the end, or there will be a big payoff for Cain in some kindof Washington post.

alan laney

Must be why media is promoting Cain so much

Even though people are not. Cain had to donate $500,000 to his own campaign? Many people supporting Cain are probably those convinced by the favorable media he gets.

Romney has raised $18 million....Cain has raised only $2 million

There is no effing way they will chose Cain. He can't raise the funds.

They merely pumped him up to maximize his book's profit.

They are already sliding back to Romney.

BTW: Paul has raised over $4 million.

Don't forget

The blue/red divide is only theater.

The elite owns both parties and use them (and created them) to keep us divided.

The elite has Romney, Cain, Perry AND Obama in the game.

All but Ron Paul will do just nicely for them.

Collectivism vs Individualism

Tyranny vs Liberty

Who focus on black votes? Or racial votes, period.

2010 census shows only 12.6% of Americans are black. Do blacks vote more than whites? Even if 100% of blacks voted, it would only require 17% of the 72.4% of whites to equal them.


It seems the entire 'racial based vote' is merely something for the media to demagogue and divide the people on.

Divide and conquer.

Rich Lowrie - LinkedIn Profile

This is his genius advisor?


Herman Cain is a farce.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

It appears Cain is Romney's vote collector

He's just a cardboard cutout, whom on the surface appears much different than Romney. But, in the end, Cain is going to tell all his supporters to support Romney and endorse him. And, if by chance the media is able to promote Cain above Romney, then Romney will endorse Cain. They're working for the same team.

Pretty slick, eh?

We should probably start focusing more on Romney.

They are all on the same team

A small elite run the world and they choose all the candidates with the help of their media and other institutions. We and Ron Paul are spoiling their party, shame on us...

It seems they keep propping up the next puppet

Hoping he or she will stick, but they always promote Romney as the leader.

I did notice Fox News ridiculously propping up Cain from the very beginning.

They have a special preference for Federal Reserve Henchmen.

Cain not credible

Cain's economic adviser has a BS in accountancy.

Are we to believe that an accountant and financial investment adviser can plan a direction for our nation? That "3 nines" pencils out?

Yes Herman, it is simple... but not elegant, just simple.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

The media will attempt to make him credible

Just like they did with Obama.



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Ouch! Neither Romney, nor Cain want this getting out.

Probably why it's getting voted down. It's in style to question Cain right now, but leave Romney alone. Definitely don't question both at the same time.

Once again, Comedy Central gives us the news

While the news only covers things up.

"Cain is a businessman and you should vote for him" - news

"Cain's economic adviser works for a bank which received $25 billion in bailouts and supported Mitt Romney" - Comedy Central