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Ron Paul Double Pwns Herman Cain and Disses Alan Greenspan

Here's the latest in the Ron Paul PWNAGE series:


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These would be great campaign

These would be great campaign ads.

One comment from another blog...

"So, if Herman Cain was Po' before he was poor, was he a schmo before he was a schmuck?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Herp Derp 2012 haha..

Herp Derp 2012 haha..

hahaha, PWNED!

hahaha, oh man. the Ron Paul PWNS videos always make me crack up laughing. they are great!!!

Dr. Laurie Roth...END THE FEDDER?

One of the few talk radio hosts I listen to aside from Alex Jones, Lou Dobbs and Mike Church on SIRIUS is the woman who calls herself "The Annie Oakley of The Airwaves", Dr. Laurie Roth. She has written an article at her website about The Fed. And this is her first ever article about the central bank.


From it...

Ron Paul has pushed many times for an audit in Congress for the Federal Reserve but his last effort didn’t pass. Although the Tea Party Republicans in congress have backed an audit of the Federal Reserve, the GOP establishment Republicans don’t.

Liberal Barney Frank has talked to Bloomberg stating the Ron Paul’s views on the Fed don’t represent most Republicans. Also, Senator Jim Bunning a Kentucky Republican stated in his farewell speech that public awareness of what the Fed was doing was growing and public opinion of the Fed was going down hill.

According to a Bloomberg National Poll, 39% of the people want the Fed more accountable, 37% want status quo and 16% want it abolished.

It has been known for some time that the Fed is not part of our Government but a private corporation we did stupid business with, turning over our financial system back in 1913. Lately, we see them making all kinds of money on our out of control national debt, paying off big banking friends with back door deals and simply growing our debt that they and their cronies are making tons of money off of.

Think of the orgy of delight they have going. No audit since 1913. GOP establishment and most the media back them and avoid their need for accountability. Even better, and potentially the mother load for the Un American, fiscally traitorous cowards, now the GOP candidate, competing for the front position to run for President of the United States, ran the Federal Reserve and was second from the top later in his career. Even better for the traitorous FED, he is not supportive of an outside audit of them.

Herman Cain is all tough sounding but is he the guy to take on Obama? If he won would our country be better off with his plans when he wants to protect the obvious, unethical, out of control, massively in debt, and unscrupulous FED? Remember, this is the contracted private company that WE LET CONTROL AMERICA and Cain doesn’t want you touching it. Hmmmmm

Several reasons are clearly stated as to why the Federal Reserve is at the heart of our economic meltdown. www.theeconomiccollapseblog.com Just a few of these include:

The Fed is a debt based financial system

The Fed has a monopoly on the creation of this debt based money

The power of money creation and debt creation is in the hands of private individuals, not the US Government

The Federal Reserve itself is not much of a profit-making institution. Rather it is a tool that enables others to make obscene amounts of money

The Federal Reserve has decided to play bizarre games with our money

The Federal Reserve is undemocratic and the Federal Reserve runs the US economy.

I have never written an article on the mysterious Federal Reserve until now, but it was put in my mind and I started to dig more when Herman Cain made bold statements about not supporting an outside audit. I get it now. As a former high up leader of the Federal Reserve and a big fancy business man and millionaire, he doesn’t want ‘the goods’ touched.

By the way, she is considering running for President. Her show is carried by The IRN-USA Radio Network and can be accessed at...




For The Power of The Republic!

I'll just copypaste my youtube comment:

"This video was totally awesome until shortly after the 0:38 where the sound effects completely alienated me. The DERP2012 with the Master P track was priceless. Re-do now!! :)"

This video could easily get much better!

truth liberate

Keyboard cat

I thought of keyboard cat playing off Cain once he said "Alan Greenspan."

I love the pwnd videos. Herp

I love the pwnd videos. Herp Derp 2012!

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http://motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/herman-cain-aquila-l... looks like Herman has some bones in the closet

I wanna tell Lindsey Grahm to SHUT UP!

Is there a video clip of this part of the debate....

WITHOUT the annoyingly childish text-overs and sound effects that make it impossible to hear what RP is saying?

The Virtual Conspiracy


Wow. Super annoying.

chairman cain campaign

how much money chairman cain's campaign received last quarter? i'm hoping very little. this man is dangerous, he must be stopped!!


Vermin Cain had to know that

Vermin Cain had to know that that was a land mine question... LOL

Federal Reserve Chairman Cain

That's much, much worse than Vermin Cain.

I don't believe he did.

That's part of his non political experience. He can't tell who did a crappy job and who didn't.

He's completely out of touch with what's happening and he'll continue to put his foot in his mouth.

Dr.Paul: Very smart man. He knows Cain is a weak candidate in all areas for the presidency.

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These always put a smile on my face

Except the first time I watched one. The first time I saw one I was thinking, "what kind of crap is this."

oh BUMP!!!! I could watch

oh BUMP!!!! I could watch this a thousand times!

" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of they day; but a series of oppresssions...pursued unalterably, through every change of ministers, too plainly proove delibrate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery..."

Not gonna lie, I've watch it

Not gonna lie, I've watch it quite a few times today. These are funny and supplies much need exaggeration when Ron Paul demonstrates his superior philosophical views. And the fact that Cain just got PWND! I watched the debate with a large group of people, and until I watched this I didn't realize how much people clapped at RP's comments!

Me too!

Who cares if it's childish...sometimes I need to laugh to keep from crying or fumingwhen it comes to these debates.