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Fox Poll - Who Won last night's Republican Debate?


Ron is behind, let's get him caught up!!!

Herman Cain - 39.5%
Ron Paul - 30.95%
Mitt Romney 15.01%
Rick Perry 2.76%

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Fox poll: RP vs. HC vote/time graph...

For what it's worth I plotted the times and vote percentages from everyone's comments and posted it here:


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Hey Musky, There's a Fox in the Hen house lol..

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Let's get to the bottom of this...

Sure, it smells bad and was likely rigged. But it would be interesting to see a graph showing the poll numbers by time-stamp from these comments. I suspect we'll see a rapid jump in Cain's trend line just before the poll was pulled.

I've gotta leave but if someone hasn't done it already by the time I return I'll do it.

P.S. This is another reason to post the numbers after you vote on one of these.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

At 1230 hours Ron Paul

At 1230 hours
Ron Paul 43.51%
Herman Cain 34.95%

at 1400 hours
Herman Cain 50.07%
Ron Paul 35.51%

Quite the jump for Cain...

Has the poll been taken down?

Has the poll been taken down?

Faux got tired of editing Cain's votes to rob Paul.

So with Cain in the lead, they stopped the "poll."

We need to stop wasting our time & traffic on Faux Polls

Particularly these completely bogus America's News Room polls.

Fox News Poll Taken Down

Last reading was approximately:

50% Cain
35% Paul

They rigged it

and took it down with Cain winning.

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Establishment Push / Flank' em and Win :^)

Who won last night's Republican debate?
Michele Bachmann 0.49%

Herman Cain 50.07%

Newt Gingrich 4.77%

Jon Huntsman 0.12%

Ron Paul 35.51%

Rick Perry 1.34%

Mitt Romney 7.22%

Rick Santorum 0.47%

Please Vote, as of 3 PM EST.

Herman Cain has done nothing

Herman Cain has done nothing but tap dance over his policy positions that he flip flops on the fly. When caught in a lie or ignoble speech...he stoops to "Deny, Deny, Deny". He offers no more than Barack Obama did....a hollow suit who has learned to tap dance well.

Good Thing

Fox News internet polls don't mean anything, right Hannity?

wrong post... sorry

wrong post... sorry

Get your God D*** hands off my mother F***ing Junk - Paul from the movie Paul.

"GOP Pres Nominee"?

Wondering why Fox has Cain listed as the "GOP Pres Nominee" in this video???

Herman Cain at Center of Race Debate:

Subliminal messaging here?

RP Has Fallen Back to 2nd Place!

43.61% Cain
39.02% Paul

Fox News Poll Update

50.09% Cain
35.50% Paul


Herman Cain 44.51%
Ron Paul 38.49%

ron is behind now

ron is behind now

We need to take this seriously

It is possible they are manipulating the poll. There is evidence they are not. If you spend any time reading forum posts from his supporters, they are in love with Cain.

Google trends suggests something real is happening

We need to take Cain's threat seriously. We should not ignore it. We need to get out there and wake up the Cain supporters

Keep voting!!

Keep voting!!

Found it...RP far in front

Ron Paul 43.51%
Herman Cain 34.95%
Mitt Romney 10.85%
Newt Gingrich 7.13%
Rick Perry 2%
Rick Santorum 0.72%
Michele Bachmann 0.68%
Jon Huntsman 0.16%


Cainiacs fighting back:

Michele Bachmann 0.66%

Herman Cain 37.55%

Newt Gingrich 6.53%

Jon Huntsman 0.15%

Ron Paul 42.7%

Rick Perry 1.82%

Mitt Romney 9.93%

Rick Santorum 0.66%

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

FOX is ignoring the attacks on Cain last night

Carl Cameron (Who attacked Dr Paul in 2007 debate by asking if he was electable)was asked about the debate. He talked about Cain getting attacked on 999 and Cain blowing it off. He completely ignored Paul and Santorum's attacks on Cain for Tarp and FED audits.Just as others have said farther up, FOX is Cain central. They want a fight between Cain and Romney with Cain the winner. They want all the viewers who missed the Bloomberg debate to think Cain and Romney wore halo's. Its sad when Washington Post and HuffPo are actually the unbiased sources. Now FOX is loading the panels up with people pushing for War with Iran over the "ALLEGED" Iran assassination plot. Funny how Holder is in the hot seat over Fast and Furious and this dirt magically appears from him. The journalists there just repeat what the higher-ups tell them. Heck, the majority of the female anchors are more known as infobabes who appeared in Cosmo covers like Jenna Lee and Megyn Kelly. Hardly fair and balanced.

Thomas M. Gallion

RP at 43...

percent that is.

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RP almost at 42% to Cain's 34.8% now

Way to go RP supporters!!!

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RP still winning!

Ron Paul 40.49%
Herman Cain 35.58%
Mitt Romney 12.14%
Newt Gingrich 7.84%
Rick Perry 2.24%
Rick Santorum 0.79%
Michele Bachmann 0.72%
Jon Huntsman 0.19%

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

new hampshire gets it

pray the rest of the country will knock the LSM rite off a
cliff when RP's army of freedom loving merricans
stay the course and fight the good fight
Let Freedom Ring RON PAUL 2012


Michele Bachmann

Herman Cain

Newt Gingrich

Jon Huntsman

Ron Paul

Rick Perry

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum

Get your God D*** hands off my mother F***ing Junk - Paul from the movie Paul.